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Instagram Tips and Tricks Entrepreneurs Must Use

In this day and age having an online presence is very important.

With the recent pandemic, many businesses are shutting shop and going online. So, having an Instagram Business account is more crucial than ever.

But did you know that more than a million businesses are using Instagram to make their online presence? Along with having 1 billion active users every month. With such vast reach and active users- Instagram is the right place to start!

To guide you on how to make the best use of Instagram. Check out these 5 amazing tips that will grow your business on Instagram.

Tip 1: Instagram Shops

This feature is amazing for retail outlets and small businesses.

One can directly sell their product using the Instagram Shop feature. This makes shopping on Instagram enjoyable and easier.

So, if a person likes something on your profile, through the view product tag they can see the price of the product along with the description and directly purchase through the app.

This feature was introduced in 2017, allowing brands to make their profile into storefronts and provide a seamless shopping experience.

But Instagram Shopping is only available in selected countries and can only be used by accounts that are business profiles. Also, make sure that your Instagram account is connected to the Facebook page.

Once you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you have to create a product catalog on Facebook. After setting up the catalog you have to submit your account for review. You can then see an option called “shopping” when your account is approved.

Now that everything is set up, you can upload posts and tag the products. In each post, only a maximum of 5 products can be tagged. These are products that are part of the catalog you had created on Facebook. You can buy these products on Stories as well.

Tip 2: Hashtag Metrics

This trick gives you insight into the number of posts with the hashtag.

When you are including the hashtag and start typing a particular hashtag the drop-down box will show you similar hashtags and its volume.

You may be wondering how is this useful?

Through this insight, the next time you post you can decide if you want your post to be among the million other posts or would like to differentiate yourself by using a hashtag that is unique and has comparatively less volume.

So, the best way to use hashtags is to use a niche hashtag that is recognizable at the same time and not used a lot that you can get lost among the other posts.

Keep in mind that the post content has to be interesting and the ability to reach a wider audience. Then only it makes sense using these insights.

Tip 3: Instagram Algorithm

If you have been an avid user of Instagram. You would remember when the feed used to showcase content based on chronological order.

But with the recent change and update of the Instagram Algorithm- It doesn’t matter what time you post.

Instead, create content that is engaging and that it’s trending.

Make sure the posts are likable as well as relatable. To rank on top of the news feed, try to gain as many likes as possible within 1 hour of posting. This way you’re able to reach more profiles.

Don’t forget to engage with your followers.

Respond to their comments, questions, and direct messages. Doing so will help boost your traffic and engagement rate.

Always remember to keep updating your strategy based on the Instagram Algorithm so you are not left behind.

Tip 4: Share Live Videos on IGTV

Recently, the new Instagram update allowed users to upload their Live Videos as IGTV.

So once you finish recording your live video, you can instantly broadcast to the viewers that missed it through IGTV.

Also, the live video can be downloaded on your device. This way you can share the video on any platform not only Instagram.

You may be wondering how is this helpful to entrepreneurs?

When you go live not all your followers log on to see you and interact with you. So your followers don’t miss out on what you spoke on the live video and also to increase your traffic. This new feature is useful.

Now, on live video, you can collaborate with other users this way you’re engaging with the followers from both the accounts.

This may look like an insignificant update, but it’s useful to create more engaging content.

Tip 5: Support Small Business

During the COVID-19, many small businesses and entrepreneurs were drastically affected.

For many brick and mortar businesses, going online may be intimidating and would lose visibility among the big fishes.

To show support and encouragement Instagram introduced the “Support Small Business” sticker.

By adding this sticker with the brand name on your story, you are increasing the visibility and exposure of the brand to your Insta family. So, when someone taps the sticker they can get a preview of the account.

With many offices closing and people losing jobs, this is a great initiative to support your local businesses and help build a digital presence.

To Conclude…

While there are many tips and tricks out there to use these are the most important and popular tricks that guarantee results.

Along with these, don’t forget to give about Instagram stories. They may be entertaining and fun but they also play a huge role in keeping your business active online.

You can create your story filter and this is a great way to gain exposure. Once your filter is a hit, you become a viral sensation as anyone can use the filter.

Improving your reach and engagement has no bounds, there are unlimited strategies out there to use. Try and test which works best for you and your business. At the same time be up to date on the latest updates.

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