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How To Deal With Fake Reviews On Google

Fake Reviews and Negative Reviews- A thin line for businesses, especially startup companies to comprehend. Now, it is understood that a company is bound to get negative reviews through their journey— this is how companies grow and strive for the better. It is the Fake Reviews that tends to get on people’s nerves, as there are instances when Google does not provide an option to ‘review’ these reviews. It tends to stay published, and customers get the incorrect idea about the workings of the business and the products that are being offered.

The Obstacle

Google has no idea who your customers are. They will not accept ‘not a customer’ as a reason to remove a review because they do allow people with no username to post their review and rate the company. It’s evident that it is problematic to prove the identity of somebody online.

The other issue is that the individual does not have to be a customer to write a review. They have to have a ‘customer experience,’ which could be anything from trying to call you and getting your voicemail to dropping by your office and just browsing around.

A Solution That Could Be Implemented

One common solution is to report the issue on the social media platform, and request them to take it down. But what if that does not work out? We cannot resort to not providing the option for customers to post their reviews! That would result in our business (that is prospering, might I add) getting pulled down!

We have a solution that could work. The people behind posting these fake reviews must be spoken to. It is and must be an option to publicly call them out. We must post and answer to their review. For all we know, this could create a domino effect, other businesses could provide their opinion. This could also pave the way for your patrons to speak up for you!

How can Spinta Digital help You?

You can hire the services of a digital marketing agency to advertise against the publishing of fake reviews. This would not only help your business, but other businesses to understand the issue. They would follow behind you for your cause. Our team of marketing and tech-savvy experts will have ideas for you in a stipulated duration!

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