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Infographic: Impact Of Marketing Automation On B2B Companies

You must have heard it quite often! Marketing automation is the latest trend that is reigning in the year 2017! However, have you ever wondered the impact of marketing automation on companies (especially B2B)?

When it was first implemented in 1992 through Unica (the first marketing automation platform ever launched) hardly a few anticipated it’s gauged impact in the industry. Now, however, it’s one of the most piloted tools in the world!

Frankly, the number of statistics that have consistently proved marketing automation is a burgeoning technique are mind-blowing! Take a look here.

However, we did notice that some mid-scale companies have not really appreciated the impact of using marketing automation. This is a common scenario prevailing in most parts of the world. Yet, beyond these formalities, the impact of marketing automation is unbelievable.

Here’s an infographic that has put together how marketing automation and lead scoring have worked and helped B2B companies increase their revenue.

Marketing Automation: Impact of Marketing Automation on B2B Companies-

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