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Infographic: Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages have been quite easy to design over the past few years, owing to the number of tools that are out there in the market. However, not many people actually realize the anatomy of a high converting landing page.

For starters, most people confuse a landing page with that of a web page and hence witness a frustration when their seemingly “high converting landing page” does not drive the expected result!

To make things comprehensive, clear and precise, I decided to depict an anatomy of a perfect, high converting landing page through this infographic.

Before you scroll to see what makes a landing page “high-converting”, here’s a theoretical explanation of what makes landing pages tick!

According to Neil Patel from QuickSprout – a conversion rate of about 72% is gauged as a “high converting landing page”! The anatomy of a perfect, high converting landing page is to make sure that you deliver your “singular” information, with the right content within a concise page!

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