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How To Attract More Patients To Your Dental Clinic With PPC Marketing

In this day and age, you can’t just simply attract customers through run-of-the-mill marketing techniques. Practices and clinics that want to grow and succeed need to bring in customers that are looking for specific treatments. These patients are commonly referred to as “price-shoppers,” and these are the people who should be targeted with PPC Marketing Ad Campaigns. This is because these patients already know the type of procedures they need and have most likely received second opinions from doctors or specialists. They are looking for the best quality care and are ready to begin treatment. Patients will also prefer treatments that come with the greatest benefits at affordable prices. They will be searching for a professional clinic or practice that offers them what they require. With the right PPC campaign, you could be the one to catch the attention of patients in your locality and city.

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is a very effective strategy that has helped many businesses in the medical industry see an exponential increase in getting patients just by using a few, effective, sales-driven Google ads.

Here is an example of a medical scenario.

Rekha is an elderly woman from Chennai who has a missing tooth. She has been researching various options and has received a second opinion from her dentist. She then decided to get a dental implant done and goes to her computer to do a search online.

She types “dental implants in Chennai” into a search engine and begins browsing the results that show up. There are two types of results on search engines categorized as organic and paid. Paid results are actually PPC ads posted by different clinics and practices. The first listing is an ad from Dr Suresh, a dentist in Chennai who specialises in dental implants. Once Rekha clicks on his ad, he will be charged a certain rate.

Rekha clicks the ad and is directed to the dentist’s landing page. She finds a special offer about dental implants and the additional benefits she will receive if she chooses Dr Suresh’s dental services.

The PPC ad campaign was active, which led Rekha to see the offers and benefits of the dental implant procedure. It also gave her ample information about the dentist, which built a certain level of trust to schedule an appointment at his office.

Whoever clicks on Dr Suresh’s ad, he has to pay a certain amount for every click. This is called Pay-Per-Click marketing. His dental clinic appears in the first three listings on search engine results and takes priority over other organic results. The ad’s placement also targets specific type of patients looking for a particular service through popular keywords or it appears at the top of the search results.

What does a PPC ad do?

Patients who click on PPC Ads already know what kind of treatment they need. They are now price shopping for a clinic that offers maximum value with minimum risk—affordable health care that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Once patients have clicked on your ad, you can use interesting photos, content, and videos on your landing page to convert them to customers.

There are certain elements in your landing page to include that persuades patients to schedule an appointment with your clinic.

  • An irresistible offer that builds your practice’s value
  • A catchy headline and strong call-to-action that drives patients to convert
  • A list of benefits along with the treatment procedures
  • Testimonials from previous clients with before and after pictures
  • An ‘About Us’ section to position you as the best in the industry
  • A simple contact form to get the patient’s contact details

Why is PPC Marketing Effective?

PPC Ad Campaigns offer a world of advantages over other digital marketing tactics, the most being its imminence. Your dental clinic can create a professionally designed campaign that can generate more leads and convert them into customers with immediate results. Some benefits of running PPC ads include:

  • Target the right audience – You can attract the most qualified patients looking for specific treatments and procedures offered by your clinic.
  • Gain online visibility – You are positioned in the top listing of search engine results.
  • Immediate results – You will be able to attract a lot of patients within a short span of time.
  • Get flexibility – Your PPC campaign can be monitored and tweaked accordingly to find out what works best in terms of keywords, content, design, offers, etc.

Our Digital Marketing team from Spinta Digital is experienced in creating PPC Ad Campaigns for Dental Clinics based on years of experience and data gathered from real-life interactions and past campaigns that were highly successful. We will develop a PPC strategy that is customised for your clinic or practice, based on demographics, patient requirements, and cost. Give us a call if you’d like our help. Contact us at +91 99625 08585 or visit https://spintadigital.com/ for more information.

Take a look at our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=Yqirdf5M81g to understand how PPC advertising is useful and how as a PPC advertising agency we can help your brand.

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