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Hosting a Webinar: 5 Tools to help you run more efficient meetings

Using the internet and social media platforms to increase b2b lead generation is common practice today (e.g. LinkedIn Marketing).

Time is of the essence, and in order to track these leads and convert, it becomes necessary to schedule a meeting at mutual convenience.

Companies also have to engage with workforces that are dispersed in various locations along with existing customers.

For this purpose, one must make use of the right business meeting tool that allows for quick communication, improved collaboration and provides value for money.

The tool must contain good features and easy functionality.

With so many tools to choose from, how do you pick the best meeting tool for your business?

We have made it easy for you by providing a list of some of the best tools in the market currently.


This app provides a personal scheduling page for setting up meetings and supports meetings for up to 25 people allowing access for screen sharing, meeting recording, and discussion among participants. The timeline view of the dashboard helps in organizing all scheduled meetings efficiently.

The tool also provides seamless integration with the calendar, contacts and other live communication tools. The in-app agenda and action-item tool allows complete management throughout the course of the meeting and after.

In need for a quick synopsis of the meeting? Once the meeting is done, Meetin.gs summarizes the action items and automatically drops an email to the participants.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular meeting tools available and only requires a Google account, a mic, and a webcam to initiate or attend a meeting. Specifically designed by Google, it enables you to participate in the meetings via various channels that include document collaboration, Google video conferencing calls and voice chats.

In need of an all-in-one meeting tool? Look no further! This tool has the following features: a record of the meetings, intelligent muting, video calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, group conferencing, integration with other Google application, and compatibility with various devices.


Is there a tool that can help individuals view the schedule of a prospect and request a meeting based on availability? Doodle is the answer! Doodle allows a team to choose the time and date options for the entire squad and figure out
what works for them. Based on a web and app tool, it lets users check the schedule to specify what times on a day they’re available to meet.

Want to add a personal touch? With Doodle Premium, one can replace the Doodle logo with a personal brand experience and request contact information of participants.


Always on the go with no time to schedule meetings with back-and-forth emails? Calendly will take care of it! It serves as the best scheduling tool for professionals who often go out on tours to attend webinars and business meetings.

The tool allows a direct integration with the Office 365/Google calendar creating a personalized URL for professionals to help them check your availability and schedule to conduct a meeting with you.

Immediate execution – With Calendly, the user can click on the call-to-action button and immediately be able to schedule a meeting with you. It is as simple as that!


The tool comes with an excellent service to unrestricted online meetings. With access to superior quality videos, one can attend and host meetings at ease.

Integration with Outlook makes it easy for the tool to start a meeting and send invitations directly. WebEx allows access for 25 people in a meeting and can showcase six webcams on screen at a single time.

Want to send out a summary of that group meeting? When you schedule the meeting, WebEx sets the software to record it automatically. Its online collaborative tools like annotations, whiteboarding and note-taking make it a great application for working in groups.

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