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Ecommerce Profit Maximizer: How To Sell Products Online Using Chatbots

Deploying a Chatbot is one of the best possible things you can do to advance your business even when you’re sleeping.

In Digital marketing, it is always advisable that you keep your customer engaged and occupied all the time.

By all means, there is no coherent and time-saving way to do it other than using a chatbot. But it is essential that your chatbot has efficient programming.

Always remember that a poorly made chatbot could reduce your reputation. If your chatbot is not interactive and user-friendly, it serves no purpose.

Your E-commerce business depends on how “human” your chatbot is. The responses it provides should match the ones of a human.

There are few other things that you need to implement into your chatbot’s programming. We’ll describe them all in detail.

Ensure That Your Messages Are Personal And Friendly

This is one of the very important points which you should adhere to in your chat marketing campaign. Your chatbot should never send generic messages.

It is important that your messages don’t sound like instructions. Having a friendly conversation can never go wrong. People would feel more connected to the bot when it uses a friendly language.

Using a friendly tone would induce a customer’s urge to reply to your message. He/She would start feeling guilty if they leave it unanswered. It gets the job done.

If your chat marketing campaign is going to be through Facebook’s Messenger, you are going to need this more than ever.

Facebook has a certain policy that doesn’t allow your bot to continue your conversation unless the customer replies to your message.

How To Build A Personal Relationship?

Your texts should not be boring and dull. Feel free to throw in humour and keep your messages unique.

Once your customer replies to the first message, go ahead and use their first names in all the texts to come. He/She is going to be happy that you recognized them.

The conversations would start getting more personal. Always remember that your chatbot is a seed that you plant in your customer relationship.

The tone which you set now is how a customer would remember you in the future.

Promote Your Products With Offers And Establish Scarcity

Now let us assume that your chat box is running efficiently. Every time a potential customer replies to your message, it is time for you to move to the next stage in your chat campaign.

You should consider them as leads and start introducing them to your products. It doesn’t matter if your chatbot operates through Facebook, SMS, or your Webpage.

This phase is standard. Start pitching about any product, offers, or promos that you think would move the customer.

When you do this make sure your message contains several subtle hints. For example, consider the following message.

“Hey {First Name}, there is a hot offer on one of your popular sectionals, would you like to check that out?”.

Here you can see how you can subtly provide social proof to your customer.

It is always clever to end your message with a question. This would subconsciously induce the urge inside the customer to reply to the message.

Using his/her first name in the message would help your message to have a personal touch to it. You have to allow your creative juices to run free and wild. Introduce offers and establish the product’s scarcity.

Words like “30% offer” and “few stocks left” would trigger your customer to reply sooner. If you’re using Facebook’s messenger, there are various features available which you can make use of.

Make sure to add images, videos, or GIFs to your messages to provide the customer with more insights.

Provide Meaningful Insights To Your Leads Without Sales Talk

You should never keep pushing your customer into buying something all the time. It is vital that you introduce them to some of your non-sales content.

Imagine that you’re having a casual chat with your friend without giving it a shade of selling something.

Consider that you are selling a bedroom accessory. Your chatbot can ask the customer whether it can send some tips on how important it is to choose a good bedroom accessory.

This would send a subconscious hint to your customer that you are not all about business. It would mean that you genuinely want your customer to be awake to this information.

Your customer would be happy for the information and would want to return the favour to your company.

When they feel like buying a bedroom accessory, they would remember your company spontaneously.

When you sell something to the customer in the future, they are going to be happy that they bought it from a trusted source.

But this non-sales content should be completely free of any sales language. If a customer thinks that you have selfish intentions, your message is going to lose its value.

Your only intention here should be to provide valuable information to your customer.

Why Are Psychological Triggers Important?

There are some human qualities that will always remain the same. The Persuasive tactics in sales and business would remain undying even for centuries to come.

Establishing offers and explaining scarcity would continue to work if implemented properly.

In addition to all of those, you can provide a free sample trial to your customer. This would allow them to try and test the product.

You can receive honest feedback. This increases the chances of making more sales in the future.

To Conclude

The most important tactic you can use to keep a customer satisfied is through faster replies. A chatbot would allow you to have an edge over your competition who use manual strategies.

But you have to take your time in setting up the chat flow and making your chatbot perfect. A well-made chatbot would engage your audience like never before and it would help you get meaningful insights.

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