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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies In India : An Overview

Real Estate companies in India are a part of the “industry” list that has a phenomenal benefit via digital marketing.

With its exponential growth rate, real estate investment in India is attracting global attention. The last couple of years has seen a tremendous growth in collaboration of digital marketing strategies for real estate companies, especially in India.  

Being a very competitive sector by itself, real estate brands are now taking giant strategies to attract and engage the online population through mediums of digital marketing.

This naturally means, empowering digital transformations for real estate companies in fields like marketing and technology is now more critical than ever. Digital marketing strategies to increase inbound sales and lead generation has become an important factor in strengthening a company’s brand and reputation.

With an increase in customers looking to read and buy online, greater competition with increasingly demanding, digitally savvy customers, digital media has become an important and exciting part of company’s promotional strategies.

To succeed, companies need to embrace digital innovation and seize the opportunities it provides for marketing and communications.

Can Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies In India?

Here’s our Overview.

Many real estate companies in India have been upfront about this question to us. Therefore, first and foremost we would like to address this doubt of yours.

To newbies, digital marketing is the process of implementing digital channels for the promotion of a business or brand. By saying digital channels, we do not just limit ourselves to emails, mobile phones and press releases but also extend our support to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest etc.

Adapting to these channels not only ensures that the business is promoted to the right target audience but also it also helps strengthen your business and above all, your real estate brand.

The increased use of internet and digital media is a major influence in the field of marketing today. With a majority of Indian population using the internet, Real Estate company’s would have to start increasing its use of the internet and mobile devices to reach out to more customers. Therefore, digital marketing is the best method that can be adopted by the company’s to reach out to prospective customers.

How can Real Estate companies in India flourish with the help of Digital Marketing Strategies?

Our analysis is simple. Today almost all buyers start their real estate journey online.

The Internet has become a trusted medium for most of the required information (with regards to real estate properties, real estate testimonials, real estate companies etc.). Whether it’s searching for listings or finding answers to real estate related questions, people head to the internet first and to an estate agent second.

This is perhaps why it’s more important than ever to integrate digital marketing strategies into your real estate business in order to help increase sales by getting in touch with potential buyers.  

Having said that, here are some areas where digital marketing agencies can help real estate companies in India to drive sales.

  • Build a corporate website as a marketing hub to attract potential buyers.
  • Build a trusted source of online communities.
  • Bring in a social presence for real estate companies.
  • Perform social reputation management through social media monitoring.
  • Answer queries related to real estate, through forums, campaigns, and blogs.
  • Engage users with videos explaining your real estate projects in and around India.
  • Search Engine Optimization of your real estate company’s ongoing and upcoming projects.
  • Email Marketing where you keep in touch with your real estate buyers from time to time.
  • Events to engage buyers and potential buyers.

How can Spinta Digital help Real Estate Agencies?

Spinta Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Chennai, India. We believe in delivering compelling digital marketing solutions to our real estate clients.  

Our Real Estate Marketing strategies are derived based on client requirements. We believe in providing tailored digital marketing strategies that focus precisely on what a client wants, be it, leads, branding etc.

Our marketing strategies are holistically divided into the following mediums.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most useful techniques that benefits real estate companies in India. Although the long term, a well-planned out SEO strategy, and right keywords can help in generating extremely strong organic leads for your real estate company.

Social Media Marketing

A real estate agency should trust its brand on social media. Be it your upcoming, ongoing or even a completed project its important to push it online, especially in the social channels to generate a wide range of brand audiences.

Here’s a look at what we had done for Etica Developers as a part of their social media design.

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