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A Guide To Influencer Marketing For Instagram

You’re probably well aware of digital marketing, which means, your guide to influencer marketing must be made clear and top-notch as well! And if you’re planning to start working with influencers this year, Instagram is a great place to start. We’re here to make you understand how you can leverage your influencer efforts on Instagram. It’s all about the execution.

Why Choose Instagram?

Well, the Gram is built for this! The truth is that, although these other platforms can be useful for Influencer Marketing Campaigns, none of them compares to Instagram.

With 800 million monthly active users, it is an excellent platform for marketers to reach their target audience. It is much more engaged, making it a more effective way for brands to get their message seen and heard. Instagram has the highest interaction rate compared to other Social Media platforms.

65% of the top-performing Instagram posts feature products. This says a lot about how the platform’s user base responds. This is probably why even Influencers seem to adore the platform. In a survey of 200,000 influencers, 91.9% of them chose Instagram as their number one platform. 2.7% of them chose Facebook as their favourite platform, and another 2.7% chose YouTube.

Getting Started with Instagram Influencer Marketing

By the above facts, it is understood that Instagram is effective and it’s a great idea to get started using the platform for your Influencer Marketing campaigns. And here are a few essentials that you should consider before executing your campaign:

Look for Ideal Influencers

Once you’ve determined what you want to gain, you can start the process of defining and identifying your ideal influencers. Who influences your audience? Who creates content? Who will be able to help you achieve your campaign goals?

Here are a few points you should consider when you are defining your ideal influencer:

  1. Niche – Consider their niche or their area of specialty. What topics do they normally cover? This is essential to maintain authenticity and create promotional content that doesn’t deviate from their usual topics.
  2. Reach – Consider the reach of your ideal influencer based on your goal. If you want to raise brand awareness, a relevant top-tier Influencer would be a good option. Do you want to drive engagement and start conversations around your product? Look for relevant Micro-Influencers instead.
  3. Voice – Have a clear idea about the kind of voice your ideal Influencer should have. Do you want them to be more serious and professional? Or would you like casual and friendly? Maybe you’d prefer to work with an influencer with a good sense of humour? All of this must be considered based on the taste and preferences of your target audiences.
  4. Engagement Rate – Even if you choose to work with a top-tier Influencer, make sure they can still drive significant levels of engagement. Define the minimum average engagement rate your Influencers should be able to maintain, it would provide you with an idea to what extent your brand and products will reach. Use apps and tools to find out the average engagement rate of potential influencers. There are several influencer marketing tools available in the market that can help make this job easier.

Decide on a Collaboration Structure

After you’ve decided on which influencers you’re going to work with, you’ll need to discuss how you’re going to collaborate with them. This will ensure that the campaign runs smoothly for both parties.

Here are some factors you should be negotiating about with your influencers:

Campaign Time frame – Make sure you communicate with your influencers about deadlines and campaign time frame. Otherwise, you may end up having to follow up repeatedly in case they fail to meet these deadlines.

Content Production – You should also have an agreement on what exactly you expect your influencers to produce for the campaign. What kind of content do you want from them? To gain traction, do you want Instagram photos featuring your product with a brand mention? Do you want them to tell a story instead of just mentioning your brand? Maybe you want them to promote your products through videos and Instagram stories as well. Remember, Communication is the key. Always communicate your expectations to stay in sync. You should also discuss the amount of content required for the content.

Content Usage Rights – Another crucial consideration is the right to content usage after the campaign. If you plan to re-purpose the influencer’s content in the form of social media ads, website testimonials, etc. it’s crucial that you request full content usage rights while the influencer retains ownership.

Compensation – Commercials are always something that must be thought of and considered. Will you be giving them a flat payment per post? Or do you prefer to pay them based on their performance? While some micro-influencers may agree to promote your products in exchange for free products, avoid taking this for granted. Always be prepared to make some monetary payment when working with influencers.


These are some of the important tips you could implement to move further in Influencer marketing on Instagram. As you can see, there is quite a bit involved in the process, but it will all pay off in the long run.

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