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5 Companies That Incredibly Increase SALES Using Chatbot [Profit Multiplier]

You are completely missing out if you haven’t tried implementing chatbots into your business. As a business owner, it is a stiff task to find contacts and stay in touch with them individually.

You can develop a chatbot that can make the job easier for you. It can tremendously increase your number of customers and your rate of conversion.

Chatbots can also reduce the number of hours you spend supporting your customer by over 35%. They also diminish the number of years it takes for a company to achieve its goal.

It has helped various companies around the world to increase sales like they never have before. Mentioning some of them would help you understand the scenario better.

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Facebook Messenger

If you are listing down the apps which people use to stay in touch, you simply cannot neglect Facebook’s messenger.

Over the years, it has seen an outburst of users who only seem to be increasing in numbers. The number of active users which the messenger has is unlike any other application.

1.3 billion users around the world own an account and it is only bound to increase in the coming days. Still not convinced? Let us discuss numbers like a true businessman.

Over 80% of adults and 90% of teenagers make use of various messaging apps to communicate.

When it comes to business, over 50% of the users who communicate with a chatbot would end up shopping something. Every month, Chatbots in messenger exchange over 8 billion texts with customers.

Increase your sales instantly by leveraging Chatbot.

In other words…   

You Are One Bot Away From Success



Based out of the Philippines, ARGOMALL  is one of the leading online eCommerce stores. They sell various consumer goods.

They wanted a personal chatbot which could provide important information to their customers and also interact with them. This includes details of delivery.


They created a chatbot which made their process more streamlined and hassle-free. It also improved the customer’s satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter what stage they are in during the sales, they could now interact with the company.

The user just has to enter the keyword of a product they want to buy. The bot would show any similar products available on their site.


The site could set new sales records like never before. They could see a 23X return on investment just within months of its release.



The ChatBot which LEGO has fulfils a very specific requirement. It has to recommend the right gift to the customer to understand his needs. It has to do all this within the Messenger.


They developed a bot that asks for the person’s location and age to whom you’re going to present the gift. It would then ask for the type of gift which you would like to buy.

The user can then select the gift which they like the most. The bot would send them a link that helps the user to add the product directly to his shopping cart.


LEGO’s Chatbot has helped the company to reduce the conversion cost by up to 31%. The company enjoys 6 times more money than it spends on ads.



Godrej was looking for other innovative ways to market one of their new products. It was an advanced new-gen lock named ‘Advantis’.

They wanted a solution that could overpower the traditional media. They needed a medium that would allow them to interact with the customers and get their doubts cleared.


They made a bot that could directly interact with the customers. Apart from providing information to their customers, their chatbot had various fun elements such as games and quizzes. If a user seems interested, the bot asks them if they would like to get connected to the company directly.


The company saw a response from its ad campaign like it never did before. 27,000 users interacted with the bot with an average chat time of about 2 minutes. 3.5% of the users trusted the bot and shared details with it.

To taste success like Godrej, you need only one thing, A Smart, Intelligent, Interactive Chatbot.

In other words…

You Are One Bot Away From Success

Car Loans Canada


The company wanted to establish trust among new users that they were the best. They wanted a lot of new people to know about their company while reducing the cost which it takes to acquire leads.


After testing various options, the company wanted to try their chances with Facebook’s messenger. Through this, a consumer could complete the entire loan application within the walls of the messenger.

Facebook’s ad targeting could acquire the user’s location. The bot doesn’t have to ask a separate question about it.


The company was operating on a 5 to 8% conversion rate through regular marketing. The chatbot was a huge success and it skyrocketed the conversion rate to 25%.

This is a rough 75% increase which is otherwise impossible. The Chatbot also reduced the ad CPA from $45 to $25 dollars.

Summit Academy OIC


The Summit Academy OIC wanted a medium to acquire more interested and potential candidates. The company also wanted a cost-effective way to do so. It wanted to focus its resources on educating the students instead.


They ended up creating a bot that could directly interact with the students. It was able to do this with the help of Facebook’s ads. It directed the users to the messenger. From here the students could interact with the bot.


The Chatbot paved a way to acquire a 30% increase in the Academy’s prospective students. It also reduced the CPA. The CPA while using the chatbot is almost 10 times lesser than Facebook Ads.


These real-time examples would’ve been helpful for you. Chatbots could increase your company’s conversion rates which traditional marketing tools never can.

It can also reduce the cost which it takes to convert a lead into a customer. And most importantly, you can save up a huge deal of time by using chatbots.

All you need is ONE CHATBOT to take your business to never-seen heights.

There is a gap between your business and a successful business. You can bridge that gap using a Smart Intelligent Chatbot.

In other words…

You Are One Bot Away From Success

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