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Trending Online Business Ideas

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work and it will take time to reap the benefits. Starting an eCommerce business allows you to connect with people globally and build a renowned brand. Before commencing, planning what business to start up is crucial and important steps.

To help you decide, we have the top eCommerce business ideas that are trending today and with the most benefits.

1. Dropshipping store

The most sought-after business in the digital platform is Drop Shipping. With a bit of investment and knowledge of the products to offer customers, you are set to launch your dropshipping stores. Sourcing puts the supplier for the product and arranging an agreement where you get the sales and they manage the logistics involved.

Many Drop Shopping entrepreneurs started this as a side hustle to earn money. But with the demand for products and high-profit margins they have made drop shipping their primary source of income.

The reason many opt drop shopping is that there is no issue of storage and having excess stocks. The product is supplied by the manufacture/ supplier directly to the customer after they place an order with you. The headache of delivery and tracking shipment is not there for you. Sitting for the comfort of your house you can operate this business.

2. Health and fitness

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The health and fitness industry is booming and a constant player in the market. The demand for organic, natural proteins, and superfoods is increasing like never before.

Many celebrities have entered into this market, for instance, Chris Hemsworth developed the CentrFit app that allows anyone to train with his expert teams of trainers and stuntmen from home.

Our client Mr. Haresshvar Sakthivelu aka Mr. Tamil Nadu started his brand LevelUp. LevelUp offers a wide range of protein powders and superfoods. So any fitness freak can start their eCommerce business through social media platforms as long as they can communicate their knowledge to their target audience.

3. Clothing line

Fashion store

The fashion industry is always expanding and welcomes anyone with an eye for style and design. If you have a good sense of fashion or have been designing clothes like a passion. Make your passion into a reality, and get immense pleasure when you see your products worn daily. Shopify, a website developing platform is the best way to start your journey. Along with an aesthetic website keep in mind to build your social media presence and increase brand awareness.

We used Shopify, to develop Radhey’s, a contemporary ethnic wear eCommerce store. Radhey’s has become successful within a year of commencing through their social media interactions and influencer marketing. With great response, they have introduced footwear to their clothing line- expanding their business to a one-stop fashion store.

4. Freelancer

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In this day and age, having a single job is not enough. To improve your lifestyle and bring in additional income you can become a freelancer. Freelancing allows you to work in your own time and earn money. You can each choose the project you want to work on and set your deadline

If you’re new in your field, freelancing allows you to expand your knowledge and create your portfolio. Once you work on many projects, your chances of finding more projects are easier. At times the same company approaches you to work on other projects. Thus, freelancing is a lifestyle choice, if you want to make extra cash or you have other priorities.

5. Influencer

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Instagram has become an online platform that allows you to work with other brands. Becoming an influencer in a field your good, is an interesting and passionate way of working.

It is an introduction to marketing, being able to promote yourself out there. It also allows you to expand your knowledge about other brands and products. Becoming an influencer is fun if you can maintain consistency and it’s an easy way to make money. Once, you build your fan base, you can build your brand.

For instance, Huda Kattan began her career as a make-up YouTube influencer and later created her Beauty line Huda Beauty.

Once you decide to start an eCommerce business, its crucial to decide on the kind of eCommerce business you want to begin. Start small and begin with a positive mind to grow successfully.

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