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Top Ways To Market Your Aesthetic Clinic

Are you in the business of making people look beautiful? If you are, you must be aware of the fact that you’re not alone in the industry. The main objective for a business owner is to try out different Digital Marketing methods, which will suit your type of clinic or beauty salon. Many businesses in the aesthetic industry get bogged down by the pressure of staying on top and achieving more than moderate success.

Since the year 2000, the use of cosmetic procedures by the older and younger generation has increased by 200%, which is an impressive statistic. Whether you are a spa owner looking to attract customers for beauty treatment on a budget, or a plastic surgeon offering non-invasive treatments to target a larger market or a dermatologist who has incorporated cosmetic procedures to your medical practice, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

There are several bargain-basement beauty deals that are available on popular discounts sites, which have posed a challenge for beauty professionals to get ahead in marketing their products and services. In order to dominate the aesthetic industry, business owners have to focus on attracting clients through product and service based marketing to build customer loyalty, so that a long term relationship is established. Digital marketing services for Aesthetic Clinics that are done through interactive websites, Email campaigns, creative videos/imagery and social media are important to stay ahead, but it’s not enough. The viability of any business, in the end, is the net profit. To achieve this, we have come up with three top techniques to help you market your aesthetic practice effectively.

Market the best of what you have

You probably would have spent lots of money buying the best medical equipment for your aesthetic practice. There are also tonnes of amazing skin care treatments on your website, and you’re constantly sharing your talent in administering each of these treatments. Marketing all of these in one go can be confusing for customers.

It’s not difficult to promote all of your products and services and there is no mistake in that, but it’s better to market the best of what you can offer as a business. To say it simply, less is more. Just take a step back and look at your business from a third person’s point of view. Do you offer a special kind of treatment unique to the business? Do you offer a service or product that’s better than your competition? Are you or the people you employ certified in a special practice? The kind of service that you offer which your clinic is best known for in the industry will generate more customers.

Think outside the box

Your business will not be set apart from the competition if you’ve been promoting the same services like everyone else in the industry. For example, laser hair removal is all the rage now and continues to be one of the popular treatments in the aesthetic business. Every single business is promoting it, right from clinics, skin care centers to your local parlours. This is exactly why you should not promote it. You won’t get anywhere in terms of competing against 50 or more businesses in the city unless of course, you are offering something like a genie in a bottle or a basket full of gold. So, think outside, the box and choose the one thing that your business specializes in. You can market that to everyone in your locality or community. Your patient demographics will give you a basic idea of what they need in beauty treatments. If it’s a working crowd, you can promote treatments to reduce stress and fatigue. If there are people in their 40s or 50s, you can promote skin treatments for rejuvenation and a youthful appearance.

Develop relationships and trust

Businesses can lure in new customers based on their reputation like a friend’s recommendation or a Google review. Patient retention is born out of developing relationships that are built on trust. According to The Pharmaceutical Journal, the importance of building trust in the healthcare sector is vital because there is always the element of risk and uncertainty in a patient. To put it simply across, If I’m putting my face in your hands, I better trust you to do a good job.

How will a business create the right level of trust with a customer to retain their loyalty, especially with someone new? One thing that has proven to be effective is blogging. It gives the business a voice for their brand to be heard in a digital landscape. You can speak directly to your customers and also practice target marketing by sharing important information about your products and services. Blogging can improve customer relationships in three ways:

  • It builds authority – You can position yourself as an authority on a topic, and people are naturally inclined to place their trust on someone who knows the subject in and out. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, patients always demand the best results.  If you can write about what a subject that you are good at, you are deeming yourself worthy to offer expert advice or services on that.
  • It maintains relevance – The best way to promote a business or brand, that’s what blogging promises and delivers. You can optimize on SEO to promote your blog and rank higher on search engines. If you come up on the first page of search, chances are that people will see and read your blog.
  • It builds relationships – Just like a two-way conversation, blogging can be engaging and interactive. You can ask for feedback and offer advice, which is the ultimate trust-building technique to win more customers.

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