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The Ultimate Starter Guide to Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook has become a top-rated advertising platform for eCommerce businesses.

Did you know? Facebook is the biggest social media platform, with 2.5 Billion users!

With such an enormous audience base, Facebook allows you to select your niche audience –Facebook Custom Audience. The custom audience allows you to retarget your existing audience that has already visited your website and have even bought your products.

Not sure how the Custom Audience tool is going to help advance your business?

There are a million reasons you should use Facebook Custom Audience. But one of the most significant benefits of Facebook advertising is targeting the Relevant customers that would be interested in purchasing their products. A custom audience is particularly important for eCommerce stores that are looking at social media platforms for marketing purposes. Targeting the right audience is the highest Return on Investment.

Another added advantage of using a custom audience is that it helps micro-targeting people that have visited particular pages on your website. For example, a footwear company can track visitors that have viewed only sneakers and send messages to the target audience on Facebook regarding the specific product, thus increasing the Sales Conversion.

With many advantages of using Facebook Custom Audience, here are the Top 5 Uses of Facebook Custom Audience:

1. Increase your Facebook audience

The custom audience allows you to be in touch with your audience on Facebook and grow your customer base.

The best way to grow your target audience is by creating a custom audience for those who have signed up to your mailing list or visited your website. By doing so, you can run targeted ads encouraging those people to now follow your business on Instagram for updates and news.

2. Upselling existing customers

This tool is fantastic for businesses with related products and services. By creating a custom audience of those that have previously purchased from you. You can run ads targeting the buyers, showcasing related products, and this is a great way to improve customer loyalty and value. Another fantastic trick is to use time-sensitive promotions like limited offer/ till stocks last to encourage immediate action.

3. Abandoned carts

One of the biggest problems faced by eCommerce businesses is that their shoppers abandon their cart. There are multiple reasons for it as the person is busy and was not able to finish the purchase process. But, if a shopper adds items to the cart, it shows their interest in your brand and chances of visiting the website to complete their purchase.

Follow up with these targeted shoppers using Facebook ads to keep in touch and let them not forget or worse purchase on some other website.

4. Feedback from customers

Feedback from customers is precious to your business development. Receiving constant feedback will help you improve their customer experience, and it’s a fantastic source for marketing and product development.

Use Facebook to follow up with customers to receive feedback after their purchase. A tip from leading e-commerce businesses is the best way to receive feedback is by providing an incentive or running a contest.

5. Build your mailing list

With the need to build relationships with customers, it is ideal to start by creating a mailing list. It is a reliable way to remain in touch with existing and potential customers.

You can use Facebook to target the audience that has visited your website and get them to become on your mail subscribers as well.

Start Now!

Once you understand the importance of Facebook Custom Audience, it is time to Start Advertising!

Enjoy the benefits of creating your custom audience Now!

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