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Top 8 Marketing Strategies to Try This Year

Many small or growing businesses make the mistake of not aligning their product strategy with their overall business strategy. Developing and bringing a product to fruition has to contribute to the goals of the business in order to be successful.

Marketing is the life blood of any organisation that sells products oo services to consumers. It is the way to put out the word about the business and the products offered. Marketing is used to build a brand identity, and sometimes it plays the role of spreading the word about a new product.

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Here is a lowdown of some of the best marketing strategies you can use in 2020:

1. Video Tutorials

With the proliferation of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, it would be remiss of you to miss out on the opportunities short videos bring to your products and business. Video tutorials, if done well, can also provide Viral marketing, which gives you the most mileage for your buck.

2. Influencer Clout

In 2020, you can no longer ignore the power of Influencer marketing. No matter what service or product or service you sell, you will find an influencer to suit your business. However, recently, there has been a shift towards using the potential of micro-influencers and Micromarketing rather than shelling out a lot of money on large influencers.

3. Personalisation

You can no longer afford to send out generic emailers to your customers. It often comes across to customers as annoying and cannot be counted on to give you good results. Focus your efforts on personalisation that’s more based on Geographic segmentation and audience Market segmentation.

4. Authority Blogging

The time of starting a blog for your business is over. Instead, focus on authority blogging which subtly works on Product positioning in the best places.Take advantage of platforms like Medium, Quora, and Reddit.

5. Nail SEO

SEO should not frighten you. If it does, then invest in a course that will teach you the ropes. When SEO is done right, the payback is big. You cannot take shortcuts with SEO, and you should aim for long-term benefits. Buzz marketing might be in flavour now, but you’re in it for the long haul.

6. Build a Lead Magnet

Do not fall into the trap of offering a generic lead magnet. Think of it as a Promotion strategy which is built in a way that links with the product itself while also offering something of value to your audience. ThinkeBooks, videos, cheat sheets, recipes, and others.

7. Re-Targeting

Stop focusing on click traffic and put your efforts into conversions instead. Use re-targeting ads across different social media platforms in order to get the best results. Do not shy away from the variety of insights offered by AI.

8. Affiliate Program

The great thing about an affiliate program is that anyone can feel like an influencer and you are saved the pain of finding the ‘right’ influencer for your brand. Affiliates will help spread the word at a small cost to your business.


In the new decade, it is imperative that you focus on fresh Marketing strategies in order to retain your competitive edge. As you can see, even marketingtools change as rapidly as technology and consumer behaviour. You have to belight on your feet and adapt quickly in order to reap the best rewards.

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