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Top 5 Dental Marketing Strategies For 2019

With the abundance of Dental practices in a country like India, it becomes quite challenging to make your dental clinic stand out from the rest of the competitors in your locality. You could advertise your clinic in the same way that dentists have been advertising for the past few years; through flyers, and word of mouth referrals. However, there is a more effective method with a wider audience reach that gives you a significant online presence and is easily accessible to customers through digital marketing. Here, we have explained five Dental Marketing tips that you could use to optimise your online growth and attract new patients.

SEO Optimisation for Voice Search

With AI software like Siri, Cortana and Alexa providing customers with optimised voice search features, the process of search has become so convenient that one-fifth of all the searches that happens on Google are through voice commands rather than text. This number will only get bigger, as it is predicted that voice searches will dominate 50% of all searches by 2020.

Spoken searches differ greatly from typed searches as they are more informal and use conversational language. Hence, SEO optimisation must incorporate not just keywords, but words that people are likely to use in casual speech according to the context of the search. Getting the website of your dental clinic SEO optimised for voice searches as well as typed searches can help you get a prominent placing in Google’s search results.


Social media is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal of Digital Marketing Tools as it can help you engage with your target audience. In 2019, the social media platform that can get you the attention you need is Instagram. Images on Instagram get almost 23% more engagement than images on Facebook, and can be used to target younger audiences as the age group most active on Instagram is 18-34. Having a Facebook account enables you to target older audiences as well, but keep in mind that Instagram has 58% more follower engagement per follower than on Facebook, which makes it easier for you to know and interact with your potential patients.

The most advantageous feature of Instagram is the Instagram story, where you can market your practice with videos and images of you, your clinic and your patients. You don’t need to worry about perfectly edited videos as viewers prefer unedited and authentic footage that they can relate to. Effectively utilising features like Instagram Insights can help you track your page’s performance and help you improve your Dental Marketing strategy.

Facebook Location Targeting

If you want to target audiences in your locality and want to drive them to your dental clinic, location targeting with Facebook advertising is an extremely lucrative option that is available to you. Facebook location targeting is a highly effective social media tool that allows you to target the audience demographic that is in the center of your campaign, helps you find high-quality leads and generates a high ROI in a cost-effective manner. The data obtained from location targeting can help you analyze your strategy thoroughly and plan future campaigns in 2019.

Live Chat

Live chat can help you interact with patients from anywhere and at any time. Patients feel satisfaction if their doubts and questions are addressed, and you can strengthen the bond with your followers and patients even outside office hours. Using live chat can also help you gain an edge over your competitors as only 9% of companies incorporate the feature of live chat in their Digital Marketing Company.

Google Ads

98% of all people who use search engines end up visiting only those websites that are on the first page of the search results. Using an SEO optimised strategy is highly beneficial for your website, and Google Ads only enhances that experience as Google owns most of the search market and is focused on optimising the Google Ads tool for your campaign. A reasonable budget and a functional and attractive landing page can generate a high ROI for your dental practice.

These Dental Marketing tips can help your clinic get better customer engagement and awareness. But it can be quite difficult to implement these tips while manuvering through the complex patterns and trends in the Digital Marketing space. Spinta Digital can help you market your clinic with a Dental Marketing campaign that adheres to your requirements. Our Inbound Marketing Company in Chennai offers Digital Marketing, SEO Optimization, Social Media Marketing and many more services that can help you get ahead of your competitors and get the branding that you need for your dental practice. To know more about Spinta Digital,call +91 9962508585.

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