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Tips To Become A Blogging Superstar

Anybody can set up a blog, but turning into something that people find interesting, informative and engaging—that’s a whole different story. Do you have the skills and strategies to become a Blogging Superstar? You need some unique qualities to bring your blog to the top, and it’s not that difficult.

Take Risks

To be a blogging superstar, you need to take risks. As a writer, your goal is to make people sit up and take notice of what you’ve written. They have to come back to your site for more consistently.

Make sure you craft out headlines like ‘How To Rank High On Google Through Videos’ or ‘5 Simple Tricks To Increase Your Followers on Instagram’. Just keep pushing the boundaries of what your blog can do. Not every crazy idea will work, but you just have to keep trying. This is what separates an average blogger from a Superstar Blogger.

Write and Write and Write

You have to write a lot to get better at what you do—at least 1000 words a day. Some of your content may not be good or not that great. Some may be awesome and drive you tonnes of traffic to your website. Just remember that your quantity can suffer for a while if your quality makes up for it.

If you write consistently, you cast a wider net so that there’s a lot of blog posts online for search engines to index. This will ultimately bring in a lot of visitors and subscribers.

Stick to a Master Plan

What is your master plan for your blog site? If there’s one single sentence that defines you, what would it be?

Here are a few examples to get you motivated:

  • A wanderlust who talks about Entrepreneurship
  • A working dad who posts recipes
  • A Political writer whose blog is read by more than 20,000 people

If you decide on a master plan, stick to it. Create and start working on that plan, because you can’t make a mark if you don’t. Don’t worry about getting it right every time—no one is perfect. You can take constructive criticism, work on those changes and move forward. It is a journey and not a finished goal.

Get Creative

Generate ideas after crazy ideas. It’s tough to keep those creative juices flowing all the time. Here a few tips you can implement to overcome writer’s block:

  • Change your workspace if needed. If you are struggling to get in the groove, shift to a different place to write
  • Journal down your ideas whenever something inspirational hits you
  • Empty your mind of thoughts by just writing something without an agenda
  • Read other blogs to acquire something of value
  • Write for your audience by figuring what they need and the kind of problems they are facing

Be Passionate

Love what you do. That’s imperative. Readers will be able to tell if you are enthusiastic about writing a particular subject. They will be able to sniff you out and you will lose your subscribers and visitors.

Interact with Readers

Do not shy away from people who comment on your blog posts. Engage in their conversation by picking their brains for ideas on new topics. You can run contests and reward your readers with gifts just to thank them for their support. This will help you share stuff on social platforms as well.

Use a variety of Media

Copy is not enough in today’s world. Google indexes audio and video and audio to give you a wider net to cast for possible keywords. Learn when you can use these tools. Ask yourself:

  • When to use text? Search is dominated by keywords and this makes up the chunk of content you produce. But, make sure you combine content with media
  • When to use videos? Create short videos with tutorial type or interactive content anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that transcripts should be created for YouTube and your website for search engine spiders and skim readers
  • When to use audio? The best podcasts are those that feature two people talking. This makes it way more interesting

Be Curious

You should never stop learning. Make time to read, study and look for ways to test and implement fresh ideas. A lot of successful bloggers are eager and curious to know more. They don’t have egos and are always humble. The key is to learn from those who impart wisdom.

Watch out for Trends

Want to catch some traction for your blogs? Then be on the lookout for the latest trends on Google and social channels to jump on that traffic. That’s why blog posts tailored to current trends always gain traction.

Always remember that trendy posts should relate to your readers and their self-interest. In other words, don’t just write something trendy for the sake of it. Write something of value that your readers will benefit from.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

During the earlier days, blogging was the only platform where you can get people to talk about and share your content through comments. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, posting comments is a successful strategy. Social media has now become a part of every successful blogger’s arsenal to increase visitations and subscribers.

It all begins with curating great content people want to share. And, it continues with you sharing other’s content as well. You can build a list of influencers to follow and interact with daily to increase followers and spread your brand name across the web.

Target your Traffic

Don’t make the mistake of trying to reach for a bigger audience. You may get a lot of hits to your blog, but not a single person may be interested to subscribe to what you have to offer them in terms of product or service. Truth be told…quality always outranks quantity. Know your audience and what they need. That’s how you can give something of value to them and also procure high conversion rates.

Stick to your Brand

It’s imperative that you know what your brand stands for and what it’s good at. The essence is what matters and blogging will help in fleshing that out. Find your brand voice and use your blog to convey that message to the world.

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