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The 5 Step Process To Write Cold E-mails That Actually Work

Are cold emails worth the effort? Will anyone respond?

The first thought when you hear cold emails is SPAM!

But do you know what cold emails are?

Cold email is an email that is sent to a potential lead that you don’t have an existing connection with.

Emails that are a template and very generic don’t increase your click rate. Instead, the recipients ignore them and consider your email to be junk.

While trying to interact with anyone outside your existing network, your message has to be personalized and unique to your business.

To give you a simpler and step by step guidance. We have come up with the 5 Step Process that will guarantee you that cold emails WORK!

So let’s begin right away!

Step 1: Search and Identify your recipients

According to expert advice, the best way to approach cold email recipients is through research.

It’s important to find people interested in your product and service, at the same time need to receive cold emails.

Target your recipients based on your marketing strategy. You will be able to identify them based on their demographic, kind of organization, position in the company, problems faced, and how they plan to solve the problem.

To make it simpler, start your research based on these two fundamental questions:

  1. Is the person you targeting for your products/services the decision-maker within the company?
  2. Is there someone at a higher level who makes the purchasing decision?

Now that you know that you have to target the decision-maker within the company, finding their email address is the next best step.

One can find their contact details within the companies website. The alternate method is to install the chrome extension like Hunter.io.

Now that you found the right person to send your cold email. Let’s move on to the second step.

Step 2: Find your recipient’s interest

Having found the names, positions titles and contact details is just part of the cold email success process.

To make sure your recipient opens your email, it is crucial to personalize the message.

The only way you can personalize the message is by learning their interests. It can anything from their favorite food, what keeps them up at night, a topic they can talk your ear off about, and so on.

Without having this information in hand and sending out your cold mail. We can guarantee that your opening rate would be zero.

To avoid such blunders and mistakes, make sure to complete your research about the person’s interests and what they are looking at particularly.

We know it’s easy said than done, so to help you out on this process. Here are a few ways on how we usually find the recipient’s interest.

  1. Visit their blogs or any article written by them- check the topics and subject on which it’s written.
  1. The easier way is to just Google their name.
  1. Stalk their social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  1. Find as much information as possible. Don’t skip even the smallest, tiniest article each and everything helps in formulating their interest.

Once you complete your homework of finding the recipient’s interest, make a Google sheet, and note the information.

Now that you got this information, you must be wondering what values does the recipient’s interest hold to you? Let’s move on to the next step to learn more.

Step 3: Message should be relevant to the recipient’s goal as well as yours

After spending enough time researching the need of your recipient, it’s time to attack!

As you are messaging out of nowhere to help them. You are like a God sent angel that has done their homework in advance.

There are many ways of approaching your recipient. The tone many suggest should be humorous. Instead of trying to be funny, let’s follow these basic guidelines:

  • Write an attention-seeking subject line and introduction paragraph.
  • There is no limit to how many words you should write in your cold email. Just make sure that the beginning of the email captures their attention and urges them to read further.
  • There is no harm in mentioning why you are cold emailing them. It is always better to give them a self- introduction as well.
  • Don’t forget to also include a call to action button within the message.

Now that your goals are aligning. Let’s go to the following step.

Step 4: Create an irresistible offer

One thing you must remember is that you are a stranger to the recipient.

So when you make an offer, make sure than you are simultaneously becoming an acquaintance.

There are three kinds of offers that you can provide:

  1. Make an offer that is safe. This means the offer should be something through which you can start gaining the recipient’s trust. It can be something like an online group, or an exclusive private community.
  2. Make an offer that is useful and productive. Give them information about their competitor’s data, which then makes them to contact you for information.
  3. Make an offer to interview the recipient. This is otherwise known as “Ego Bait”. You are gaining the trust of the recipient and the same time getting free content. This offers helps in building long-lasting relationships.

While starting with cold emails your goal to become friends from being strangers. Then strategic partners followed by sales and referrals.

No short-cut method will give you results. So follow these steps and be on the right path to expand your network horizon.

Step 5: Send your cold email

The final step is to send your cold email.

There is no perfect time or day to do so. Once you have written your message and checked thoroughly and are confident, then it’s the right moment to shot the mail.

Once, you have sent the mail. You should check the performance of the mail, like the opening rate and click rate.

There are multiple ways to check your performance. This is usually done via email marketing software that you can use like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and so on.

To Conclude…

Once you try this foolproof process, you will also believe that cold emails work!

We at Spinta Digital also use cold emails to get clients, promote our content, and get backlinks.

Just remember to follow all the processes mentioned above and take your time with the research and findings.

There should be no deadline or end date to send your cold emails. Make sure your confident and put in your 100% in the 5 step process.

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