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Step By Step Success Formula: Sell More With Chatbot And Increase Revenue

Every business owner wants his business to stay at the top. So they are investing more in digital marketing to increase their sales and revenue. But the average website conversion rate is just 1-4%. How will you improve it? Is there any alternative? Yes, there is an alternative. Recent studies say that conversion rate is 3-5x higher when a website uses web chat and messaging services. What do web chat and messaging mean? Webchat application is a chatbot used to interact with your website visitors during real-time sessions. You would have seen this: The moment you enter a website, a chat pops up saying “Hi, How can I help you?”.
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3 reasons why Chatbots have higher conversion rates

1. Instant reply to your visitors to build trust 2. Human-like interactions to increase lead quality 3. Available 24*7, mobile-friendly and convenient We developed a Chatbot marketing strategy to generate high quality leads for us and our clients. Trust us, it works like a charm.
In this blog post, we are going to discuss the exact blueprint. You can just copy our strategy and deploy it to see instant results.

5 Chapters to Sell Your Product/Service Using Chatbot

Chapter 1: Adding Chatbot to your Marketing Funnel Chapter 2: Proven tactics to encourage visitors to chat Chapter 3: Restart chat sessions and convert more Chapter 4: Segment your audience and laser target them for more conversions Chapter 5: 7 Pro tips to remember This strategy would suit any business model. It does not matter if you are selling products or services, B2C or B2B. These step by step instructions will let you know how to sell products and market them using a chatbot. Step 1: Setup Chatbot wherever possible. Ad campaigns, website and social media. Step 2: Have a follow-up chat strategy to get the details of your prospects Step 3: Leverage Facebook sponsored message and drip campaigns to re-engage your prospects with the help of lead nurturing messages Step 4: Convert prospects into paying customers by sending promotional messages at the right time Let’s get into strategies and learn how to implement them.

Chapter 1: Adding Chatbot to your Marketing Funnel

You would have seen this before:
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This is a marketing funnel used to design the customer decision journey. A funnel is not the perfect example to describe the journey of your customer. But it would help you in learning the basics. Creating Brand awareness always comes at the top of your marketing funnel. It doesn’t matter how you bring in the users. It might be through an advertisement on Instagram or Google, or your friend might have referred them. Now that the people know about the existence of your brand, the next task is to let them understand the services which you offer. This would allow them to move further in your marketing funnel. Let them know how your business would add value to their lives. It is important that you have a medium to stay in touch with your lead. You must have frequent conversations with them. This will eventually transform a lead into a paying customer. The use of this communication medium does not just stop with your current customers. Even before you sell something, you will be able to reach out to your future customers as well. There are various reasons why a chatbot is one of the effective tools to increase your sales. It helps in adding a lot of new customers to the top of your business funnel. It acts as a medium where you can stay in touch with both your current and future customers. Let us see how to initiate a chat with a new potential customer or a lead

How to Sell products with Chatbots:

There are numerous ways in which you initiate a conversation with a new lead. We usually refer to them as Chat Starters. Some of the best ways:
Through your webpage
Imagine if you have to start a conversation with someone who is visiting your website. Most marketing web pages now have a widget. You can find them at the bottom right corner. These chat widgets would then establish a chatbox. Every page on your website should have a separate role to help you in selling a product. Some pages should educate the customers with the details of the product which you want to sell. While others should list all your products along with their price. Your chatbot must be able to understand the customer and his journey. It should be able to greet and provide information based on the webpage which the customer is browsing.
Through a Facebook ad
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Facebook is well known for its ad network. It uses various trendy social media platforms like Instagram to get the job done. The second major reason for you to choose Facebook ads is, they can reach a specific audience. You can target the audience in a specific job title or the people who have recently been to your website. You can opt for a Click-to-Messenger ad which would bring the person to your personal business messenger chatbot. You can then continue to have conversations with them.
Chatting right away with people who commented on your post
Social media marketing is more confusing and difficult than it sounds. You have plenty of audiences but lead capture and direct sales will never be a walk in the park. But there are certain tools like the Facebook Comment Guard which will make your job easier. This tool would autonomously start a chat with any user who comments on your ad or post. The users who reply to your greeting are usually assumed to be a captured lead. You can save the name and all other personal information in their profile. This will help you in understanding your customer better.
Through Events
As a business owner, it is your duty or organise events which can either be live or pre-recorded. This is vital for your customer to have a good first impression on your business model. If you are new to this, you must know that this is a really good way to initiate chats with your customer. During an event, you can invite the audience to stay connected with you. You can provide them with a URL or a QR code which will direct them to your chatbox.
Re-engage leads to get more sales and revenue
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Initiating conversations is important. But you should have more chats in the future to ensure that you have a good relationship with your customer. You should keep these things in mind in the Mid-Funnel Messaging Strategy: Re-engagement tip #1: Create a messaging opt-in connection Let us assume that you had your first chat in your chatbot. But you must choose a more reliable and versatile option like SMS for all your future and follow-up messaging. This is vital even if your first chat was through Facebook’s messenger. There is a 24-hour window which you can use to send promotional messages to your leads. Once the window closes, you can initiate chats with our contacts through sponsored messages. Here, You can also ask your lead to contact you on another messaging platform. Re-engagement tip #2: Leverage Drip campaigns to automate lead nurturing Chat drips are another important tool which you can use to allow your customers to stay interested in your business for a longer time. A chat drip is nothing but a set of messages which will be sent to your lead’s chat box at periodic intervals. This will help in bringing your lead to the bottom of your business funnel. These automated messages should be interactive and should make their day better. They must educate and inform the customers about your services. Re-engagement tip #3: One-time re-engagement chat blasts The goal is to keep your customers and audience engaged in your business. One-time re-engagement campaigns are the best way to do it. It is advisable that you do this along with your chat drip campaign to maximize the results. In order for you to pursue SMS blasting your leads and customers have to opt-in for SMS messaging. ‍Re-engagement tip #4: Re-engage with Sponsored Messages
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If your first conversation was through Messenger, you can re-engage your leads using Sponsored messages. Facebook has an affordable way to do it. It just cost about $0.02 for every impression.

Chapter 2: Proven tactics to encourage visitors to chat

Chapter 1 would have helped you in understanding how the business funnel works and how to bring in customers. In the following chapter, we’ll discuss how to develop your chats and relationship with a lead. Chat starter tip #1: Leverage pop-ups Use website pop-ups to invite visitors to connect with you for future updates. Chat starter tip #2: Animated Chatbot icon to grab the visitor attention Chatbot widget with eye-catchy animation should help you draw attention from visitors. Chat starter tip #3: Craft the first message like a pro You can one of these to start a conversation: – Offer value – Show social proof – Create scarcity and urgency 50% of the job is done when you start a conversation. Chapter 3: Restart chat sessions and convert more‍ Converting leads into customers is a tedious task if you don’t proactively restart a chat session. We are gonna discuss the proven tactics to re-engage your leads and convert them. Chat Re-engagement Tip #1: Run Drip Campaigns The moment you get a new audience, send automated messages in Facebook Messenger and SMS. It’s advisable to send 2-3 messages in 24 hours to your new contacts. If they don’t respond, give them a coupon and encourage them to buy. Also, send Coupon to new contacts via SMS Drip Campaigns. Tell them the coupon is valid for today only. Create urgency and fear of loss. Chat Re-engagement Tip #2: SMS Blasting
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SMS Blasting is a good way to get closer to your contacts. Send news, education resources, promotional offers. As I said earlier, create urgency and fear of loss. Chat Re-engagement Tip 3: Sponsored FB Messenger Ads The people who contacted you on Facebook are interested in your product/service you provide. Re-engage them with sponsored messenger ads and this method has a better conversion rate. Make sure the message is personalised and has well-timed offers.

Chapter 4: Segment your audience and laser target them for more conversions

This chapter is all about segmenting your audience. Why should you segment your audience? Your audience is a single group with people who have different interests. What you send to one person may not resonate with another. At the same time, you can’t send personalised messages to each. This is where segmentation comes into play.
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You can segment your audience based on: – Demographics – Interests – Behaviours – Psychographics – History with you Here are some pro tips: 1. First, know who your audience is and decide the message according 2. Send a personalised message to connect with them better 3. Ask questions and learn about your prospects 4. Have a drip sequence and nurture them down the funnel

Chapter 5: 5 Pro tips to remember

Now that you’ve learnt how to leverage chatbot to increase your sales, it’s time to know some pro tips to use chatbots effectively.
7 Pro tips
1. Give your chatbot a good name that people can connect with. A real name should do the job. 2. Be proactive and try to start the conversation once they are on the page. 3. Restart conversations for better conversion rate. 4. Stand in their shoes and anticipate their questions. A buyer persona should get the job done. 5. You need not sell every time you chat with your prospects. Send educational content, nurture them and add value. 6. Be there when it matters. Whenever human touch is needed, intervene and chat with the prospect. 7. An omni channel approach is mandatory. Leverage FB messenger, website chatbot, SMS, etc to boost your sales.

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