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Spinta Digital: Common Questions we get as a Digital Marketing Company

Looking to work with us as your digital marketing partner? Well, I’m sure you would be having numerous questions to ask us about. Before, you send in your enquiry, here’s something unique about us.

We’ve put together a couple of questions that prospects always end up asking. Take a look.

If there’s something additional that you would like to know, don’t hesitate to ping us.

What do you do?

As a digital marketing company, we do 2 things:

  1. We help companies take their message to their right target audience in the most effective way.  
  2. We help companies to build your brand, trust, thought leadership and authority with your target audience.

How do you create a marketing strategy?

Our Marketing strategy boils down to 3 things:

  • The Message
  • Reach
  • Building Trust

What do you mean by the message and building trust?

A message is what you are willing to tell your potential clients about your services. Your USP, your service offerings, the advantages you bring.

Building trust with your audience is the most important thing for any business, with an increase in competition, audiences are exposed to a number of companies in your niche. Building your thought leadership, the brand gives trust to the audience that you are the right company for their requirements. Building trust using intelligent automation has increased revenues for clients by more than 10X and has reduced the leakage of leads for companies.

How do you do this?

We understand the service/ product offered by your company, the target audience you are trying to reach. We fine-tune your message and your laser focus your target audience.

We then analyze where your target audience is in the digital medium, and we devise a strategy to reach out to them with the right message at an optimal time.  

We get your message across to your target audience in the most cost-effective way.

We use Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Social Selling, Cold Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing etc to reach out to your target audience.

We then devise content and other collaterals, to build your thought leadership, your company brand and the perception of trust for your brand amount your audience.

  • The first step in doing this is to prepare quality content, preparing case studies, collaterals, media opportunities, PR, and by promoting News and Events of your company.  
  • The second step is to nurture your audience with these content by reaching out to them through different mediums such as mail, social media, re-marketing.  

We reach your audience at the most optimal time with the most relevant message using marketing automation.

We also work on your web page to increase the conversion rates by implementation landing page techniques, conversion rate optimization, web engagement strategies using smart opt-ins, smart chats etc.

We deliver the market reach you desire by creating a systematic plan, that not only delivers your message to your right audience, but also build the perception of trust on your brand, that increases the lead conversion ratio of your sales team.

I understand, but my target audience are not online, how can you help me?

If your primary target audience is people who are not online, (in many cases, there are people online in some channel), we will try and work with you on your secondary target audience, who could take you on to this primary audience. In a very rare case, that none of your target group is online, we would not be able to help you, as we only promote companies through the digital mediums.

Which industries have you worked for?

We have worked in multiple domains, from education, healthcare, finance, IT, Manufacturing, E-commerce companies to many startups. We are industry agnostic as we focus on delivering the message of the company to their target audience.

How much do you charge?

It varies from business to business and depends on your business revenue and expansion goals.

After our initial understanding of your business, we give you a proposal based on our analysis of what would be the channels that you would need to be on, and the estimated ad spend to reach your target audience.

Can I get a trial?

We would love to offer you a trial, but we are a service-oriented company, and we put quality man-hours of effort in promoting your company through our experts. Hence, we would not be able to offer a trial.

How many leads can you give me?

We do not promise any leads, though we have been extremely successful in generating qualified leads for the companies we work with. Leads and closure of Sales depend on multiple factors such as your Product, Current need in the market, the market trend for your services, pricing, quality of your services, your existing portfolio among many others.

We are a marketing company, and we can only help you in taking your message, services/ products, and company to the right audiences and assist in building your brand, thought leadership, and trust among audiences.

I have tried digital marketing in the past it has never worked for me. It’s just a waste of time and money

There are a number of companies across the globe who have been extremely successful in marketing their product/services through digital marketing. In today’s world, the best way to reach your audience with your message is online. A number of statistics show that people spend more time online than anywhere else, and people use their mobiles for many hours per day which is the best place to reach them.

Your digital marketing could have failed due to many reasons while choosing the wrong vendor would be on top of any one’s list, that is necessarily not the case.

Your agenda with your digital marketing efforts, the messaging of your services, your need of services to the market you are focusing on, the market trend, the pricing of your services, your previous case studies, lack of focus on building brand, lack of focus on building a thought leadership and authority in your niche, purely focusing on leads with a very short-term vision are some of the major hurdles why your digital marketing efforts could have failed.

We are very clear when we take up clients, that we want to end up in a win-win situation. We would not take up clients who do not align with the services we offer, as it would end up in a loss for all parties.  

To start with we will analyze your service offerings and your target audience, and set expectations right before we begin.

How can we help you sort this out?

While sending this draft to entrepreneurs and decision makers, I happen to notice that they all enforced me with similar questions. Therefore, I’ve decided to put together some of these important questions to get you started with.

We only want to work with leads though. Can you help with that?

We are sure you would be able to find companies that deal with leads alone, who share the same leads among many companies. They would not be marketing, promoting or building your brand. We are a company that helps companies to do the latter, as believe that’s what is important in generating consistent quality leads who are not only aware of your services but also have built trust on your brand.

How can I be sure that you are the right digital marketing company for us?

We have worked with many clients from enterprises to startups across geographies in US, UK, and India. We understand the pulse of the market with our experience and expertise. Our entire core team has been with us for more than 3 years, that gives us consistency in delivery. We have managed to retain clients for more than 3 years, which shows the quality and the consistency of work we provide. We would be happy to give you references from our existing clients.

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