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How To Optimize Your Dental Website For Voice Search

AI systems like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Siri have been changing the way that we perceive that the internet. The speech recognition technology of these systems has majorly impacted the way in which people find the local businesses they are looking for, and that includes your dental practice. People use these voice assistants to find practitioners, ask about their health issues, and schedule appointments; all this with just a few words spoken into a smart speaker. Hence, it is essential that you understand how to utilize voice search to market your dental clinic.

Voice Search in India

The market for smart speakers in India is increasing at an incredible rate. In 2018 alone, India witnessed a sale of 7.53 lakh units of smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Over 20% of internet users in India use voice search, and that number is expected to grow to 50% by 2020.

You need to know how to apply the trend of using mobile voice searches and implement well-planned SEO strategies to make sure that you are the clinic that voice assistants deliver as a search result. Let us first understand the fundamental differences between voice searches and queries made via keyboard to optimize your dental website.

The Effects of Voice Search on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The main difference between SEO for voice search and keyboard search is that there is a contextual meaning in voice search, whereas while typing you focus mostly on the keywords. For example, if you wanted to find a dentist in your locality, you would search for “Dentists in Anna Nagar” or “Best dentist in Chennai” on Google, but with voice searches, you would make a sentence like “Find me a Dentist in Anna Nagar” or “Who is the best dentist in Chennai?”. If you type this spoken query into a Google search bar, you would get the exact same result, but you need to keep in mind that voice assistants operate based context in the questions that are asked. The top results of these searches are those websites which are optimized for voice search SEO, with website content that is easy to understand and filled with communicative language.

The Output of Voice Search

Unlike search engines, where you get many search results in the first page of search, most voice searches are programmed to return only the most SEO optimized result. They will not keep reading every single relevant result as voice search only accommodates the three top search results relevant to the question asked. The probability of one of those three results being the one that the voice assistant generates is 75%. Hence, your dental website should be one of the best SEO optimized websites in your domain to be generated as a voice search result.

How to achieve a high rank for your dental clinic

It is important to have a carefully planned SEO strategy to ensure that your dental website is prominently placed in the search results.

Answer Box: Have you ever “Googled” something, and the first result that you see is a box that shows up with the answer to your question? That is the Answer box. 47% of voice search results are those that are placed in the box or in very high places on search engines.

Map Listing: Getting your business placed within the map listings on page one of the search results with complete and up to data increases the probability of your business being the results on voice search.

Secure Website: If your dental website is secured with https, it has a higher rank on voice search results.

Social Engagement: Your page must be socially engaging with interesting, useful, and creative content that encourages users to like, share and re-tweet the pages on your site. Results that appear on voice search usually average 1,199 shares on Facebook and 44 tweets.

Page Load Time: A quick loading time is an absolute necessity for your dental website. The result of a voice search usually has an average load time of 4.6 seconds, which is 56% faster than normal pages.

Creative Content: As mentioned earlier, your website should have easily comprehensible content that is creative and descriptive with emphasis on natural and communicative language. Don’t forget to incorporate the word ‘best’ wherever you can when optimizing your page. The use of the word ‘best’ has increased tremendously over the years (80% growth between 2015 and 2017)

Mobile-Friendly: A mobile-friendly website usually has a high rank on Google search results, and is more likely to be the answer to a voice search.

While these pointers can positively impact the growth of your website, it’s not easy to create a dental website with all the optimizations it needs to be the result of a voice search. You need to work with an expert who can analyze trends, help you stay current, and improve the visibility of your dental clinic. Spinta Digital can help you achieve this, and more. Our web design company in Chennai can give your dental practice you an edge over your competitors with services in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, etc. To know more about our services, visit https://spintadigital.com/ or call +91 9962508585

Here are a few tips to help create a dental website design that is effective and engaging. 

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