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How Facebook Can Increase The Digital Presence Of Your Dental Practice

The largest and quite possibly the oldest social media channel that has taken the world by storm over the past decade is in fact Facebook. It is a powerful marketing tool used to establish brands online. If you own a dental practice, you probably know that there is some serious competition out there. How will you make yourself known in a vast digital landscape? Even if you have some of the best services in the industry, you need to build awareness about your practice. To give your business a head start, market yourself the best way possible—by going social of course! Social Media Marketing is one of the best strategies your business can use to reach out to a wider audience before your competitors can.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can implement on your Facebook business page to market your practice online.

Optimize your Facebook Business Page

It’s all about getting crafty with your branding. Facebook is the ideal platform to put a face to your brand out in the open. You can optimize your Facebook Business page by setting up a profile picture and cover photo that represents the spirit of your practice. Add your story to the page, which is a great way to tell your potential patients a bit more about your practice and what you specialize in. The next thing is to encourage people to like and follow you. This is the hard part, but it will help you gain trust and win more customers.

Drive traffic to your Business Page

If you are just starting out on Facebook, let your existing patients know what you are up to. There are over 300 million users in India with a large section of adults who use Facebook every single day and chances are that your patients may be there too. Always share your business page’s URL by adding social media sharing links to your email signatures and website. Don’t forget about marketing materials like business cards. This should include your personal and social contact information.

Craft out a compelling Call-To-Action

The call-to-action (CTA) button is a persuasive way to drive potential patients to your website. You can create a campaign on Facebook offering some of your services at discounted rates and adding a call-to-action like “Book Now” or “Call For A Free Consultation” to prompt the kind of response your practice needs. The second CTA not only states the action you want your future customers to take, but you have also given them a good reason to take that action. Choosing a killer CTA button is an effective and easy way to drive customers to your door.

Invite people to follow your Business Page

If you are sending out mass mailers to potential customers to like/follow your Facebook Business page, it may come off as being impersonal or spammy. However, you need to curate your content that outlines what makes your practice different and why you want people to like/follow you. Facebook has made it easier by including a special feature that prompts users who have like your posts to take the next step of liking/following your page.


Marketing your practice on Facebook Live videos will ensure your business gets the biggest and greatest reach compared to other posts like links and photos. Viewers are more drawn to live videos rather than normal ones and it can draw ten times as many comments. Live videos are also prioritized on your follower’s News Feed and are placed first in the list. It also sends notifications to interested users who would like to view it in real-time.

Connect with your Followers

What happens if you mention a person in your Facebook post? It’s definitely likely that they will share the post with their friends. You can even try referring some of your colleagues in the same or different practice by giving a shout-out about their practice. When social media awareness is generated (if done right) it ticks all the right boxes and sets up our business page for healthy growth and visibility.

At the end of the day, Social Media Marketing is not just about selling patients your services. It’s about culminating a positive online reputation, gaining trust and building brand loyalty. If you would like to know innovative ways to market your dental practice on social media, contact Spinta Digital, an award-winning Social Media Marketing Company based in Chennai. We offer groundbreaking services on Social Media Marketing Services for Dental Clinics that will ensure the best results for your business. Call us at +91 99625 08585 and we will be happy to assist you. You can also visit our website at https://spintadigital.com/ for more information.

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