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Getting Into The Mind And Heart Of Customers Through Social Media

Social Media has become an imperative element for every organisation’s ongoing functioning. Gone are those days when Social Media did not make an impact. This is the time when Social Media makes an impact. It is a well-known fact that Social Media can either make you or break you.
It is imperative to communicate with your customer base to inform, persuade, and remind them about your brand and the products. Communication is the key. Social Media paves the way to ensure that the customers are aware, and the firm has a platform to voice their opinion.

Here are 6 ways to use Social Media to your advantage:

Build A Family

Social Media is all about developing a community-building a meaningful relationship with the customers is essential. A successful community does mean satisfied customers. What does this mean? This means that your customers feel important and they are happy with your products and brand. It doesn’t stop here. Increasing the size of the community makes a huge difference; prospects need to be converted to customers to improve the business.

Provide More Than Just The Product

Competition has increased to the extent where there are substitutes for mostly all products that are being offered, which is why social media should be used as a platform that would help consumers understand the value of the product-be it a good or a bad service. We need to provide the information-what the product can do, and how it provides value for their daily functioning.

Customers Should Be Your #1 Priority

The product is no longer the main component anymore, the service that tags along with it. The service while selling the product and after the product is purchased is extremely important to maintain a good brand image. This is how to use the situation to your advantage! The customers need to post Stories and Posts about your product on their social media platform. This would help you to gain free publicity. When your customers are happy, your business will prosper!

Communication goes both ways – Seek Feedback

Well, this is pretty simple! When you use your social media platform to advertise and publicise your products, you must understand the customer’s opinion right after that. So make sure you add an option to ask for their opinion on everything-complaints, suggestions, information. This would not only help you to build your brand and firm, but also show them that you care and the customers matter to your firm.

Customer Relationship Management

Care for your customers by using Social Media Platforms to get their queries answered. Remember, it is crucial to be available! Develop and maintain a connection with your customers through Social CRM. This would enable you to build a strong relationship with them and your brand would eventually succeed in the long run.

Use Social Media to Up-sell and Cross-Sell

70% of companies agree that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. Don’t try to generate more leads, use your existing customer base, and advertise your diverse product range to them.
Therefore, exploring up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase customer lifetime value and encourage repeat purchases is a worthwhile approach. Social media poses ample opportunities for re-marketing and automating up-selling and cross-selling and getting people to convert again with minimal effort.

Spinta Digital Can Help You!

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