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Deciphering Digital Marketing : By Vinodh Ramakannan

Is your digital marketing not working? Well, there’s a lot more to it than what you think!

Recently, quite a lot of decision makers have confessed that despite trying, digital marketing, it has not worked out for them.

Now, this is something that I find extremely difficult to comprehend. I admit, sometimes, companies look over the top and fail to recognize the right channel to reach their target audience.  This obviously doesn’t help them channelize their strategy better.

But to say that “digital marketing” as a whole has not worked for them, is quite shocking!!

After setting up one to one chat conversations with these decision makers, I realized..

Within minutes, after observing their statistics and data I realized that although their target audiences are all “digitally savvy” and easily accessible, not many firms have adopted to the crux of marketing in their efforts.

Digital marketing agencies and consultants are not  really providing companies with a comprehensive marketing strategy that are tied to their business and revenue goals.

In fact, most digital agencies focus more on creative designing and managing social media pages, ranking for a few keywords and PPC campaigns.

Having been in the marketing field, and helping organizations across geographies for over 18 years, I can confidently tell you, that without a SMART goal you would never be able to have a consistently successful campaign.

Without a clear Goal, you wouldn’t be able to have a sound strategy, which in turn affects the success of your business.

So, how do you go about defining your Goals

It starts with identifying your current pain points in marketing. Think about this. Do you need to solve any of the following?

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