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Cracking the Code: Understanding the Ever-Changing LinkedIn Algorithm


Tired of running behind the ever-changing LinkedIn algorithm?

Wondering how to keep your followers engaged in LinkedIn?

Fear not, as we unveil the reasons behind LinkedIn’s constant algorithm updates and how you can conquer the changes with ease!

Why Does LinkedIn Keep Changing Its Algorithm?

LinkedIn’s constant algorithm tweaks are no mystery. As more users flock to the platform, LinkedIn wants to ensure an engaging and relevant experience. They aim to avoid irrelevant viral content and remain a B2B social networking powerhouse.

Algorithm Update #1: Your Followers, Your Visibility!

Congratulations, content creators! LinkedIn has boosted the visibility of your posts. With a 10% increase in views from followers, your valuable content reaches more people who genuinely care about your updates. Keep delivering valuable insights, and your followers will be rewarded with more of your brilliance.

Algorithm Update #2: Prioritizing Knowledge and Advice

Are you sharing knowledge and advice on your LinkedIn profile? 

You’re already on the right track! LinkedIn prioritizes posts that empower its users. As a B2B social network, LinkedIn seeks to foster meaningful exchanges of wisdom and insights. And here’s the exciting part – there’s been a 40% rise in people exploring content from outside their network when it offers knowledge and advice.

How to win with LinkedIn’s algorithm update

To stand out in the ever-changing LinkedIn landscape, follow these simple tips:

  • Stay Relevant and Focused: Cater your posts to a specific audience. Be the go-to expert in your niche, and stay true to your core subject area. Your valuable insights will captivate the right audience.
  • Engage with Meaningful Comments: Forget those one-word responses! Genuine engagement with meaningful comments fuels your post’s virality. Interact with your audience, and they’ll reward you with more attention.
  • Diversify Your Marketing Channels: Remember, LinkedIn’s commitment to being a B2B social network sets it apart. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Build your own audience outside the platform and safeguard your long-term success.


Cracking the LinkedIn algorithm code isn’t a one-time deal. Stay informed, adapt, and deliver valuable content that resonates with your audience. Embrace the platform’s focus on knowledge and empower your followers. Remember, LinkedIn’s changes present opportunities for growth, so keep pushing forward, and success will be yours on this vibrant B2B social network!

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Happy networking!

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