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Best ways to grow your email list: Tried and Tested methods

Worried how are you going to increase your email list? Not sure how to target the right audience?

Building an email list make look like a herculean task, when doing so remember:

  1. How to reach the people
  2. The right technique to collect their email ids.
  3. The right people to target

So once you know how to reach people. Let’s look into the best tried and proven methods to convert your audience into subscribers.

1. Offer an attractive lead magnet

The most tried and tested method, that works best for building your email list.

A lead magnet is an opt-in offer, it is when you give something in exchange for their email address.

There are many kinds of lead magnets that one can use like:

  • Ebook
  • Checklist
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Videos

While lead magnets are popular, it is hard to distinguish them from the competition.

To make your lead magnet stand out follow these 3 Golden rules:

  1. Make sure that it provides the quickest and easiest solution to the problem.
  2. Make sure it is relatable. People should be able to implement this solution to their real-time problem.
  3. Make sure that the problem is emotionally relatable and holds a lot of value.

A lead magnet is successful when people are keen to sign up or subscribe to your newsletter.

2. Connect to people on one to one basis

Getting people to sign up for your newsletter is not as simple as it seems.

One can increase their email list through forms and Facebook Ads.

But it is believed that one should reach people that are the easiest to connect with.

Start with people you already know- like your friends and family. Then followed by your social media friends and followers. Also anyone you are in touch with through email.

Like this, start connecting with every person, even those who have visited your website or even heard about the company.

Send them all an email with the link to your landing page. At the landing page, the person can sign up for your newsletter.

This method may look difficult and time-consuming, but it’s the most effective and allows you to reach a more specific interested audience.

3. Form Popups

Pop-ups even though are annoying, work wonders.

Just having a sign-up form at the corner of your website is not enough to drive your audience to sign up for your newsletters.

Based on research conducted by Summo, the conversion rates are 3.1% due to the pop-ups. Thus, making it a great way to collect email addresses.

Here are 3 ways to get the most out of pop-ups and boost in the conversion rate:

  1. Make the pop-up appear within 30 seconds of the person visiting the page rather than immediately.
  2. Make the pop-up appear after viewing half of the page. This way you give a taste to the customer and leave them wanting more. Thus, leading them to subscribe.
  3. Make the pop-up appear when the person is about to exit the page.

Pop-ups even though may not be the most loved by all. They are the best in increasing your email list and you would be missing out on the best way to gain subscribers.

4. Create interesting email content

Just having email content is not enough. Make sure that the content is incredible and interesting to the subscribers is crucial.

Emails that are too long and monotonous in tone lead to making people to not opening your email. Or even worse, unsubscribing from your mail list.

To create heartfelt and enduring content- first, make sure you have a clear understanding of the problems and issues faced by the target audience. You have to be able to connect with the audience.

But talking and giving solutions is not enough! Make sure that there is a hook present in the email. Give them something to look forward to and make things connect in an unseemingly manner.

Sometimes having great content is enough to increase your email list.

5. Include subscription bar to your website

Have you ever subscribed to any newsletter by seeing their subscription bar?

Adding this subscription bar is not as complicated as it looks. You can use email softwares like OptinMonster to add the bar to any page on your website.

The people who mostly likely subscribe through this form are the ones excited and eager to read your content. This helps you narrow down your target audience and those motivated to know more about your product.

But remember the conversion rate is quite low. But it’s a simple and easy way to increase your email list gradually.

6. Through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads gives you a platform to reach a wider spectrum of people quickly at a relatively cheaper price.

It’s the most used and effective way to collect email addresses.

Here is a simple 3 step process on how to use Facebook ads:

  1. Create content that solves the problem faced by the target audience.
  2. Once content is set, through Facebook ads guide your target audience to the landing page.
  3. At the landing page, the person can give in their email id.
  4. Once the person is subscribed, send them a welcome mail followed by your welcome email.

Facebook Ads are commonly used as you can track and see how much is spent.

Also, through Facebook ads, you can pursue your customers into signing up.

To Conclude…

Don’t feel dejected if things don’t work out immediately.

Try to prioritize and set monthly goals to track the performance and check which method works the best.

Most importantly make sure you have an amazing lead magnet as that will boost your process of increasing your email list.

Identify the key areas earning you more leads and invest. Don’t hesitate to spend money as this will lead to a high return on investment.

Always remember to invest and focus now and reap the benefits in the future.

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