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App Indexing: 10 Simple Ways To Take It Forward

“What is app indexing?”, “How is it relevant to app marketing?”, “Are there any simple ways to take it forward for my app?”… These are common questions most app marketers pose to us today.

On April 2015, when Google launched it’s mobile friendly ranking algorithm, the entire concept of app indexing took into shape. Today, app marketers in town are far more curious about this concept and have an urge to learn how this is different from App Store Optimization and how it can help their app in broadening its reach and increasing its downloads.

First and foremost, what is App Indexing?

As defined by Google, “App Indexing lets Google index apps just like websites. Deep links to your Android app appear in Google Search results, letting users get to your native mobile experience quickly, landing exactly on the right content within your app.”

Now lets jump into a practical explanation.

While you optimize your app (ASO) for a better “place” in the App Store, app indexing is about optimizing your app for a better place in “Google’s Search Engine”.

For instance, I did a Google search for the keyword – “food delivery app”. My top two results show an ad of “Honestbee Food Delivery” and “9 best food delivery apps from Digital Trends”. Is an app store/play store link clearly visible on the results? NO!

Mobile app indexing in Google Play Store - Spinta Digital is a App store or Playstore marketing/optimization in chennai

This is precisely what you call App Indexing. It’s the ability to bring your app to a higher place on the Google Search Engine too!

10 Simple Ways To Take It Forward

Of the many ideas, we have suggested to our clients, here are 10 simple to go forward with app indexing.

The Obvious “Website”

You should have seen this coming! A website that is designed exclusively to promote your app and redirect your audience to the App Store/Play Store is the foremost step of app indexing.

Optimize your website for search engines (SEO) for the targeted keywords. Direct your back-links to this website and remember to develop a mobile version of your website. Here’s an example of how Snapchat’s website!

Snapchat Marketing Chennai - Spinta Digital, digital Marketing company in chennai

Of the best practices to design a website, remember to follow the key points.

  • Show your app’s download from App Store/Play Store buttons in the most visible part of the page.
  • Elaborate on your app’s features. Snapchat’s done it with a video, but you can pick any form of elaboration that you find fitting for your app!
  • Use a simple, effective lead magnet (notice the “singular” form) that collects the email id’s of your audience. Use can use it later for nurturing.

Promote on social networks

Reach out to your potential audiences on social networks. You can always choose the most relevant network from the diverse range of social networks available today.

Snapshot of Tinder Facebook post.

Understand that each social network has its own peculiarities. For example, Tinder used their Facebook network of audience to help raise money for orphans in Malawi! The campaign fared well and was a success. You get two things – a brand value and downloads!

In addition to this, make sure your app has social components in its functions. Options like sharing something from the app on Facebook, Twitter or inviting friends from your social network via the app is a good way too!

App Banners

App banners are a way of showing your website visitors that there an “App” that’s available for download too! Place these banners at the right place in the website for users to observe and take a call.

Honestbee - app indexing. Mobile App banners in website. Spinta Digital is a Mobile App Marketing Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

For example, Honestbee’s website, shows it has mobile apps available on Android and iOS versions too! Now, it’s upto the audience to pick a call.

Ad Campaigns

The fastest way to get started with app indexing is via ad campaigns. Try the CPI campaigns – cost per installs! You can always make your app available for free during a short period of time and promote it with the help of services like AppTurbo or AppGratis.

Press Release

Traditional promotion has its own advantages too! PR articles provide positive results because of the “newness” factor associated with Apps. Using PR article is another way of making use of cross media platforms to recognise your app.

Cross promotion in other Apps

You can always use the help of a friend alias app owner, to promote your app to their network or via their app platform. Provide exclusive offers to these network of people who install your app via cross promotion from other “friend” apps.

You’d be surprised to notice that there are also networks dedicated exclusively to this type of cross promotion between apps. Called as CPN’s or Cross-promotion networks, a few come for free, while others only offer a paid version. Most famous CPN’s include TapJoy and Flurry AppCircle.

Offline Promotion

Networking via events, fairs or conferences that has high chances of bringing your app to the eyes of its target audience is what offline promotions are all about!  Use the option of physically promoting your App through magazine, flyer, poster, etc.

Note – Include a QR code with a direct link to download the App.

Video Marketing

Videos have a great ability to, in just 30 seconds, exemplify why the App is worth the download. Tell a story and with that story show how the App can solve that problem. Create your Youtube channel and push this video forward. You can also engage audience with a video trailer on your Play store or place this video in a strategic decision making position on the website!

For instance, here’s Ola’s campaign on their Youtube channel for their “Ola Share” feature. The video has over 3.5 million views! You can imagine the download rate!

Bloggers and Influencers

Introduce your App to the influential bloggers within the domain. Should they happen to like it, they will share it with all their readers and followers on social networks. If the App is paid, offer to give them a coupon for a free trial and some additives. Use tools like Klout, Buzzsumo etc. to figure out who you can reach out to, to promote your app!

App Review Sites

Lastly, reviews have an uplifting ability to increase a person’s view over an app! Good, positive reviews can generate many downloads. Get in touch with app review sites where they do a review that recommends your App. It also serves as a good source of backlink.


A great of app marketers, understand the concept of app indexing, however, fail to execute it properly. The trick to going forward with app indexing ideas is to elaborate come up with a timeline and link every activity to your main objective – increase app installs!

If you have any comments regarding this article, leave it in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to respond.

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