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Android or iOS : Which Platform To Build Your First Mobile App?

There’s two out there. Android and iOS and you are constantly wondering which platform to use to build your first mobile app.

Which of these platforms makes a good choice to build your first mobile app.

Well, here’s our take on what suits best to build your first mobile app: Android or iOS.

Ever since its release in 2008, Google’s Android OS (previously Android Inc before Google acquired it) has rocketed up the OS ladder to platform supremacy in a world where Apple’s iOS was dictating its terms in a monopoly of sorts. Android caught on quickly with newer advancements and versatile end-user interfaces that attracted the masses. Apple was a brand name that everyone valued.

Add to it the vast multitude of possibilities that iOS offered, a winning formula was produced which has never failed to excite ever since it came into existence. Android has also gained millions of trusted customers over the years and has presented an open challenge to the iOS platform. The battle for supremacy goes on till date with each platform trying to get the better of the other in different sections.

Android or iOS: Which platform is best for mobile apps - Spinta Digital

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