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8 Digital marketing trends that rocked in 2016

The last couple of years have witnessed a collaborative change in the trends of digital marketing. Are these changes really beneficial for the current market? Well, Spinta Digital, digital marketing company from Chennai explains in this blog. Take a look at our infographic highlighting the digital marketing trends that rocked in 2016.


Digital marketing appears to be in a continuous state of change. With novel digital marketing platforms developing seemingly every day, it is actually a challenge for marketers just to keep up with the newest upcoming social networks to remain ahead of the curve and strategies that assures to make the marketing more directed than ever.

Omni-Channel Marketing

It is now omni-channel ruling many of our discussions particularly in year 2016, and it appears it will endure to do so for some time. Omni-channel is a multi-channel tactic to sales that pursues to provide the customer with a unified shopping experience between their online and in-store purchase—comprising those from a desktop and mobile device. In year 2016, 64% of marketers mention lack of resources and investment as their topmost barrier to omni-channel marketing. 90% of customers observed reliable interactions across channels. 61% of customers have not been capable to simply switch from one channel to another when interrelating with customer service.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile, precisely smartphones, is our continuous companion. It is where your viewers spend its time. In year 2016, trend of mobile marketing remained on the top notch. 4.8 billion people globally made use of mobile phones in 2016. In 2016, through mobile marketing, mobile devices are not only the most prevalent or commonly possessed device, but also they overtake all other devices in regards of time spent online. There is a rise in the number of dedicated apps, as year 2016 has seen considerable growth in app indexing and app store.

Social Media Marketing

In 2016, it was observed a considerable increase in the use of videos for social media marketing. There are a range of video types that has been employed much, which include educational video, explainer videos and entertaining videos. The act of selling through social media networks had largely been increased in 2016. Through social media marketing in 2016, there are 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts internationally and 40 million active minor business pages in facebook.

Content Marketing

The rapid development of technology powers marketers and creators to reinvent the technique they produce content more rapidly than ever before, with a goal that: Tell a great story that enchants and notifies. In year 2016, 88% of B2B marketers used content marketing as share of their marketing strategy. The 5 most significant content marketing trends followed in 2016 are: in-person events, webinars or webcasts, case studies, videos and white paper.

Personalization Campaigns

Creating a personal connection with the consumer is what marketing revolves around as observed in 2016. As observed about trends in 2016, the key to accurately personalized campaigns — the thing that marks this kind of one-to-one marketing promising — is data.

In 2016, less than 10% of tier 1 retailers trusted they are highly effective at personalization, and about one-third report having incomplete or no competence to support personalization efforts. 77% have mentioned that real-time personalization campaigns are vital.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology relates to any electronic products that are intended to be worn on the person. Ranging from smart watches to eye-wear to headphones and more, wearable technology have continued to be a growing product trend in year 2016. Consumers, on the other side, have apparently not been as quick to jump on board with this rising trend in 2016. IDTechEx analysts discover that this market of wearable technology has worth over $30bn in 2016.


SEO is the process of motivating traffic from the ‘organic’, and ‘paid’ sources to win the competitive race of ranking on search engine result pages. According to hubspot.com, in the U.S. only, average of 12 billion web searches have been conducted each month of year 2016. 48% of respondent’s recognised keyword or phrase research as a most operative SEO tactic with 34% citing recurrent website updates in 2016.

PPC Campaigns

Every PPC campaign is unique, but the most fruitful campaigns is the one that share the characteristics: a logical, prepared structure, inclusive keyword research, and ongoing management. In year 2016, PPC campaign has enhanced brand visibility by assuring premium placement in terms of search results. By addition of PPC to the marketing strategy, it has been observed in 2016 that brand awareness across channels has been elevated, increasing consumer trust.

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