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10 ways to engage an important prospect with a meaningful conversation

The entire prospecting cycle revolves around the aim to bring the prospect on your side and what better way to do it than engaging them in a meaningful conversation?

A short and valuable meeting results in action – it signifies a conversion of a potential lead, a rise in the growth of your business, and a start of a happy relationship with the buyer.

It is interesting to observe that every dialogue sells something, whether it is a suggestion, an idea, a story or an opinion.

As a marketing professional, acing the art of communication becomes exceptionally crucial. In line with the context of being charming and putting the buyers at ease, are there any subtle conversational strategies that can boost the selling process?

While there are various ways to open a dialogue, find below the ten essential points to keep in mind for making this conversation a great one!

Build a Good Rapport

It is always beneficial to build a rapport with a prospect by channelising questions that let them in on the benefits of a deal. Identifying your prospect’s business in detail and getting to know more about what they do can help build a genuine conversation. A right amount of research about their branding on LinkedIn can expose a lot of their interests and opinions. These insights can help initiate small talks that lead the way up to serious discussions.

Always remember – Being likeable always helps in selling! Customers have access to a lot of choices, so to sell the products it is important that they like the person they are communicating with.  

Allow Customers to Express Their Interest

As a rule of thumb, let people sell themselves. Allow the other person to talk about himself or herself first. A conversation will naturally result in an in-depth discussion if the lead shows interest in product or service offered to them. The idea is not to force them into buying but to understand and consider their needs while identifying your target audience . In most cases, a person will reveal their needs as soon as they come to know how the service can simplify his/her life.

Always remember: One should keep in mind to not sound too excited and ensure that the prospect is equally happy to build this connection.

Appreciate Their Time

Customers appreciate professionals who value their time. The most important thing for fast communication is to ensure that all essential points are covered regarding discussion and dealt with real-time, without letting the customer feel that their time is being wasted.

Always remember –  Wrapping up a conversation by keeping it crisp and meaningful creates a long-lasting impression in the eyes of the customers.

Discover Their Pain Points

Ask questions that help understand the pain-point of the buyer and uncover their expectations. Figuring out what they need in a solution helps get a better understanding of how to approach them. Enquiring through simple questions such as, “What is it that you look for in a solution” or “what are the difficulties they are facing currently?” can open a gamut of information to understand whether we have been targeting the right prospect and whether the buyer fits into the products we aim to sell.

Always remember – Asking right questions at the right time can result in closing the deal swiftly.

Listen, Listen and Listen More

Learning more about the customer will give you more clarity about their current situation. Active listening can help in understanding not just what the buyer says but also what they are trying to convey. When a customer means that they’re searching for solutions that can lead to high turnover in sales, he/she may most probably imply that they’re assessing the solutions provided and whether it will help them reach their goal. An amateur will merely ignore the tricky question and continue to ramble about the cost. Only a professional will communicate on how the solution provided by him will be a great asset in sales turnover!

Always remember – Linking the solution to a customer’s problem enables turning an abrupt goodbye to a sale!

Watch your language while addressing your audience

Grabbing the attention of the target audience is one of the most important things to remember, but one should always keep in mind of not getting into a negative limelight with the prospect. Communicating through a language that the prospects are familiar with and weaving in stories that they connect with are ways that can make a positive impact while addressing a client’s problems.

Always remember – An engaging and informative content with minimal/no typos has the power to change the audience from an ideal listener to an ideal customer.

Create a Healthy Balance Between Inquiry and Advocacy

The core of a productive conversation relies upon the sending and receiving of information. Letting the prospect have the upper hand while talking can help in analysing their situation in a better way.

Always remember – Customers will feel valued only when they understand that their needs and requirements have been taken care of and receive services that will solve their problems.

Work on Laying a Solid Foundation of Trust

The foundation of every sales transaction is laid down by the trust that a prospective buyer places on the company that’s providing him with a solution. There is no way that a client will disclose his/her needs without being confident about the solution sold to them.

Always remember – It is impossible to generate qualified sales leads while having a product/services that does not instil faith in the buyers.

Plan Your Way Towards Achieving Success

Plan on what should be the result of the conversation. A strategic plan on how to build your communication with each client can lead to cracking the deal.

Always remember – Being well prepared for every communication is a step closer to converting the leads into successful sales and achieving more success.

End the Conversation on a Smooth Note

The route to a horizontal conversation ends on sale when both salesperson and customer agree on the price of the solution and the value it brings to the table. A secure communication without any discrepancy almost always allows the prospect to conduct a sale transaction.

Always remember The strength of a naturally flowing conversation is to move the buyers gently towards closing the deal themselves on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

A meaningful discussion with prospective leads can help better connect with future buyers more engagingly and interactively. Build a secure connection with future clients to take the business to greater heights by keeping these dos and don’ts of meaningful conversation in mind.

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