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10 Killer Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic

Blogs are one of the most important forms of content marketing techniques that have been utilized by many industries in the contemporary world. Although bloggers write great content, not every blog goes viral. With how vast the world wide web really is, grasping the attention of audiences is not all that easy.

Our topic today is going to address the need to increase blog traffic.

Famous American author, Thomas Harris once said, “Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are all born to do it.”

Here are ten ways to increase traffic to your blog:-

Post Real Quality Content [OFTEN]

Quality here has a broader definition. It includes your headline, data, facts, the number of words etc. 80% of the readers say, that they choose to read a particular article only because of its title. So what does this imply? Spend the right amount of time developing eye-catching titles for each blog article. Your article should range between, 3000-10000 words to be among one of the most shared posts. To sum it all up, exciting content should be posted twice in a week, to increase traffic to your blog.

Use Photos

Not many people realize that using photos can help to increase blog traffic. It’s very simple. People like articles with pictures. Well, you should like pictures too if you want to succeed. Besides, there are more positives than negatives in using photos. Photos don’t just make an article look better and more interesting, they serve an even more useful purpose. Keywords can be attached to them, which in turn boost the SEO and increase blog traffic.

Note: Please don’t use pictures from Google as most of them are subject to copyright issues. Try other websites or you can even use your own pictures. The same thing applies to videos as well.

Link To Websites

To increase blog traffic, always link another website or web page that is mentioned in your article. Think of it simply as, helping out a friend. You are providing a kind of promotion service for them for free. You may hope, someday they someone would return this good gesture.But just like that’s one reason, there is a more ‘profitable’ one, to say the least. Google likes it when you link other websites (outbound) and thereby gives you a boost in the SEO rankings.

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