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10 Free Tools To Create Amazing Visuals On Social Media

Brands on social media platforms, constantly compete with one another, predominantly through visuals.

While it’s a given that creating visual content plays an important role in attracting users to your page, it’s also quite obvious that the internet has a cluster of tools that help in creating amazing visuals on social media.

Our blog today lists 10 free tools that help you create amazing visuals on social media.


Canva, is a desktop friendly tool that helps you create amazing social media graphics, infographics, presentations etc.

The platform has a collection of free elements and a huge library of stock images that can be purchased from as low as $1USD!

It can be used by specialists who are not technically “designers” by profession! It not only gives you the freedom to design your creative but also helps you in creating visuals that are quick and easy.

To learn more about this tool and how you can use it for your brand, visit their design school at https://designschool.canva.com/


Recite is a forthright visual content creation tool that I have come across so far.

It’s quite handy, especially if you want to quickly turn your thoughts into graphics using the desktop.

It’s quite easy to learn and operate and all you have to do is to write your thought, tip, quote, and then choose a design – Recite does the rest for you. A big time saver for many businesses!

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