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Spinta Digital @ Pride of India

Pride of India 2022 hinges on celebrating, recognizing and rewarding some of India’s most loved, home-grown brands. These brands are set to become integral to India’s future, having harnessed the wide scope of talent, creativity and entrepreneurship across the South region of India.


The event saw a wide spectrum of representation, with various brands powering the event with their fresh and dynamic insights.

Vinodh Ramakannan, CEO and founder-
"Spinta Digital was invited to talk about the finer nuances of the role that traditions, languages, beliefs and experiences play when it comes to regional advertising."
Take away:
With the momentum of advertising picking up in the digital age, it is important to understand the idea of cultural sensitivity when it comes to communicating with different cultures and audiences. Spinta Digital’s work revolves around communicating effectively and appropriately to the intended audience, with empathy.‍ ‍