Spinta Digital
Spinta Digital @ D2C India – India’s Largest New Commerce Show
D2C India is an integral part of the thriving D2C community where new business owners come together to share their experience and expertise to encourage, motivate, and grow as a community of bright passionate entrepreneurs.


Many entrepreneurs were celebrated and honoured for their hard work and growth in the past year through awards across 50+ categories and we were able to snatch an award too!

This year Spinta Digital had the honour to participate and to be one of the sponsors backing this treasure of an event. This year saw the presence of more than 500 delegates representing brands from all the country, across sectors.
Vinodh Ramakannan, CEO and founder- Spinta Digital was invited to share his insights on how made-in-India brands are going global and how mar-tech could change the game for D2C brands. ‍
Take away:
With the momentum of D2C growth in the country, this event proved to be a great platform to discuss this dynamic landscape with the key stakeholders. The sessions provided ample opportunity to network and talk growth and the sessions were also highly informative, thus helping us advance our expertiseat Spinta Digital, as far as the D2C market is concerned.‍