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Spinta Digital @ Chennai Retail Summit

The 2022 edition of the Chennai Retail Summit saw family businesses coming together to cement their role in building and growing the nation and its economy. Retailers, retail leaders, and experts, shed light on succession planning, diversification, digital adoption, and governance models.


Proud family business owners from across the country and different sectors chose to grace the event in order to offer a variety of perspectives and key insights!
Vinodh Ramakannan, CEO and founder- Spinta Digital was delighted to share his observations and thoughts on what it takes to build a sound roundmap in the competitive world of D2C market.
Take away:

It was extremely enriching to hear about radical shifts in the D2C industry that have been acting as catalysts for the growth of D2C brands. With key ideas centred around discussing the unique approaches to an audience that is multicultural and multilingual, Spinta Digital understood the role of family led businesses in being able to truly provide immersive experiences to the customer.