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Why is it important to identify and narrow down your target audience?

As a social selling expert, the first thing that I would ask my prospect is “Who would be your target audience?”

While some are clear about what they want and who they want to reach, I’ve noticed a lot who falter in narrowing down their target audience.

Although you have a great product and a great team that can provide amazing service, you should realize that without a narrow, “these-are-who-I-want” target group – your business cannot reach where it wants to.

Today, I’m going to help you understand why it’s important to identify and narrow down your target audience with these 4 big advantages.

#1 – Helps you target these audiences with integrity.

Narrowing down your target audience gives you a really strong upper-hand when it comes to building conversations.

The more narrow your segments are, the stronger your messages could be in creating an impact.

#2 – Gives you time to identify their problem and state a strong value proposition.

Always remember – what you pitch the first time, is going to stay with your audience forever! Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to pitch in the right way to the right audience at the right time.

By narrowing down your target audiences, you help them identify what they are missing and how you can give them a strong value proposition with your service/product.

#3 – Cost-effective solutions to your target audience.

When it comes to marketing your services to your audience groups, it’s not just important to narrow down your target audience but also important to provide them with a cost-effective solution that’s beneficial to both parties.

Always keep in mind that your target groups are looking for two things, a strong value proposition and a cost-effective solution that can convince them.  

#4 – Giving them a stronger ROI model.

A strong ROI comes with a perfectly calculated and meticulous strategy. Businesses today, have only one question – what is the ROI that you can provide if I sign up with you? As a B2B company, this is going be of constant concern to you.

Therefore, when you narrow your audience groups you have a higher chance in identifying their problems and providing a cost-effective solution that can drive a significant ROI.

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