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Instagram For Business : 5 Best Practices To Drive Traffic

Have you realized that sometimes, just posting the same content on different platforms can adversely affect your brand? It’s true. What works for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn does not work for Instagram at all! Each platform is unique and requires a lot of planning and creativity.

A few days ago, when I was rummaging through different Instagram profiles of B2B companies, I came across Mailchimp. My first honest reaction was “Whoa!”. Who would think that an email marketing service would come across building such amazing content on their Instagram?

They were crazy, they were fun, they were cute, they were engaging – they were exactly how a brand should be in Instagram!
Instagram for your Business? What’s right and what’s not?

Let’s be honest. Although I am sure that a lot of blogs out there can give you amazing tips on how to start working on your Instagram profile, first and foremost, you, as a brand ought to be convinced. You can even take a lot of time to convince yourself before you plunge into Instagram but never ever do it for the sake of it or worse because your competitors have done it.

Holistically speaking, research and statistics has shown that Instagram plays a vital role in user engagement and driving a niche for your brand. The infographic given below gives you an idea of how interesting Instagram is to drive user engagement and traffic to your brand.

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