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CSK and their famous hashtags that’s trending on Social Media!

Chennai Super King (MS Dhoni)

“The lions are back”, roared every spirit in my city! It’s been 2 years since I saw this magnificent lion roar its way back into my Singara Chennai!!

2 years ago, probably around this time, my spirits have always been high on with yellow fever. In fact, right now, I can tell you that until now, these very spirits were in hibernation waiting for this one big day!! The yellow parade walking across the field, the Mexican wave building up at chepauk stadium, the sound of drums by Sivamani and the sincere chant of DHONI. An enigma that revolves around 20 overs, the constant wait to cheer for a 4, 6 or wicket (taken by CSK bowlers ofcourse!) is what stays in everyone’s head!!

Today, as a social media enthusiast, I’ve decided to put together, how this men in yellow have skyrocketed into our hearts via their famous hashtags via social media!


Now now now!!! Doesn’t this sound just revive your spirits to its extreme?

Infact, its hashtag is not only famous for us fans, but for cricketers too. In fact, I came across this post by cricketer, Narayan Jagadeesan who went to claim how special it is to work with Michael Hussey. (Read here for full article)

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Sounds so nice to hear it after 3 long years, doesn’t it? Somehow my heart couldn’t accept watching Dhoni in a purple or Raina in an Orange!! Especially when they were born to be a Yellow!!

However, today, my heart has found its way back to being happy and content. My #meninyellow are back this time, with class!!

Always a #yellowarmy girl!!


#thala #dhoni chennai super kings(csk): Spintadigital

Need I say anything anymore?

Nothing, no amount of emotion, can compare to what our #thala said at his return to CSK :-

“What’s important is to go through everything with a smile on your face….but what’s next is what is important for us. We are back, we are back as a whole team. Thanks to all the sponsors…”

That’s our #thala for you!

What’s brewing?

Aside from these famous hashtags, we also found some new, really cool ones that was worth sharing. Some of these include :-


Widely used to show how our cricketers are practicing on the field, their interaction and all the fun elements that happens before a match!!

Snap shot of CSK's tweet. Spinta Digital on CSK, Chennai super kings


Used extensively by CSK’s official twitter account, this hashtag speaks the mind of every single CSK fan!


A colloquial hashtag used majorly by fans who are constantly giving updates on every activity of the team!

csk, chennai super kings. spintadigital Digital Marketing company in chennai.


Now, isnt this the cutest ever?! #Yellove is a relatively new hashtag that hasn’t existed before. Its a combination hashtag used by fans and members of the team.


Definitely coined by a Game of Thrones fan from Chennai!! I’m sure they would have thought :- “Summer’s come after a really long night. Today, we fight for our realm!!”


I found this hashtag on Nippon Paints Video, and felt its too cute to share! Love the way they look at this beautiful color that is full of spirit!

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